Jan 2018 Author Interview Plunges

Hello again.

Bet you thought I was kidding when I wrote about interviewing authors, huh?

We’ve had an amazing response from some incredible authors and poets. We’re currently booking interviews for June 2018 publication and our reach is constantly growing (thanks to everyone who passes this info forward!)

Thriller Author Philip StrangDCI Isaac Cook and DI Keith Tremayne Thriller Author Phillip Strang talks about the fine arts of murder and marketing on “Murder is a Tricky Business (British Sleuths and Publishing Analytics)“. Look for it on Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018.

Until then, look for Phillip on Amazon, PhillipStrang.com and get his latest DI Keith Tremayne novel, DEATH AND THE LUCKY MAN. You can also follow Phillip on Facebook and Twitter.

Cozy Author Donna Huston MurraryAuthor Donna Huston Murray talks about “Smart and Witty Mysteries” on Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018. You can pre-order Donna Huston Murray’s FOR BETTER OR WORSE if you can’t wait (click the book title or here to order).

Until then, you can get Donna’s books on Amazon and DonnaHustonMurray.com. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and BookBub.

Paul John Adams on extreme psychopathology and gang warfareAuthor Paul John Adams talks with us on Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 about METARULES OF THE S.M.F and his latest book, TO FAIL WITH FLYING COLORS, on “Taking It to the Extremes”.

Until then, read him at Optional Books, Amazon and follow him on Twitter and Goodreads.

Sports and Life Author Keith GuernseySports and Life Author Keith Guernsey joins us on Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018, to talk about finding love, recovering from brain surgery and how sports played a role in both on “Overcoming Adversity through Love and Sports”.

Until then, find him at Amazon and follow him on Twitter and Goodreads.

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    1. Eichmann, aka Steve Evans, is taking our Author Interview Plunge on Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018, Valentine’s Day!
      I watched episode 1 of The C.R.U.D. Chronicles and was laughing my head off.