Bill, Putting It On for The Ladies

Bill’s got quite the Flock! (Wha-ha wha-ha wha-ha)

Happy Holidays once more, friends.

I’m continuing the thread started with the Eve of Christmas Eve visitation of Ophelia the Opossum and the Christmas Eve visitation of Euste the Fox. This time I’m writing a follow-up to Agnes, Francesca and Bill.

Susan and I woke up Christmas morning with a wonderful, deep, sheltering snowfall causing the trees to bow in honor of WinterMan‘s passing. We don’t celebrate Christmas so much as recognize its cultural meaning, its significance in the collective consciousness. We also recognize the meaning of turkeys in many traditional and aboriginal ways of thinking.

Imagine our joy when, looking out on the backyard, we saw not only Agnes and Francesca with their man, Bill, but quite the flock as well!

Quite the Man there, Bill, putting it on for The Ladies! (I’d say he’s my hero, but there’s a bit more to the story…)

You think any of them are paying attention? I did notice one, Gladys, almost fall over towards him as she twaddled past.

I mean, you know he’s not out there in the woods selling bagels at night, right?

(…more to the story)
Agnes, Francesca and Bill returned the day after Christmas and today much of the flock returned, Bill again putting it on for The Ladies. We watched from the kitchen window as we were making lunch, amazed at the energy expenditure required to strut like that.

So to impress Susan, I released my internal Bill and strutted around the kitchen for her.

Two things. One, damn near threw my back out.

Two: An overpowering urge to do an Elvis Presley impersonation.

I mean, just look at Bill. Imagine putting a microphone in his hand with a guitar hanging at his side.

Wha-ha wha-ha wha-ha.

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