Blind Idiots

In a world where alternative facts are de rigueur, it’s worth noting a slight mistake made in a BBC documentary entitled “Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial” (it’s a brilliant documentary. Let’s hope we never repeat the reason for its making).

Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial
There’s a line close to the beginning about Hitler and Goering; “…together they destroyed German democracy.”

Sorry, that can’t be correct. Unless they were the only ones doing anything at the time. History says otherwise. There were lots of people in Germany, lots of people in Europe, lots of people in the world at the time. Still are.

To say that two people brought down a country…wow…that’s pretty much stating that the rest of the country, continent and world were idiots.

Or blind. Possibly both.

Which then causes my internal author to ask, “What kind of illness could exist that turns literally the entire population of the world save two people into blind idiots?”

For that matter, what kind of illness can exist that makes the entire population of the world willing to tolerate the blofeldness of a single man?

There’s got to be a story in there somewhere, me thinks. My internal author lights up, raises its head, wonders, cogitates, considers, intrigues, …

Then I kind-of wake up and look around. This is a joke, right? I ask the air, “Am I on Candid Camera?” but there’s no blinking red light anywhere.