May 2018 Author Interview Plunge Schedule

Magic Realism, Terrorism, Crusaders, Murders both overseas and close to home and Being Pretty – All coming in May’s Author Interview Plunges

Yo! Ready for the May 2018 Author Interview Plunges?

There’s lots to look forward to and much diversity coming in May. We end our Month of Mayhem and jump to Magic Realism, then to continental murders, an author who takes his pet wild boar for walks when he needs to take a break and a woman who just wants to be told she’s pretty (it’s okay, she is).

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018 – John Beyer – From Terror to Terrorism

Terrorism through History Author John BeyerOur Month of Mayhem concludes with historical terror and Terrorist author Dr. John Beyer. John has two PhDs in School Administration and Clinical Psychology and was a classroom teacher, school administrator and district administrator.

Scary, right?

John was also a street cop, training officer and member of an elite SWAT team. We talk with John about his published novels, HUNTED, SOFT TARGET and OPERATION SCORPION, his current work in progress, VLAD, THE LAST CRUSADER, and his recent sale to Black Opal Books.

Until then, you can read John on Amazon, J&L Research and Exploration and Weebly and follow him on Twitter.

Lily Iona MacKenzieMulti-talented author Lily Iona MacKenzie takes our Author Interview Plunge to talk about growing up in Alberta, Canada and ending up in San Francisco with lots of adventures along the way. Although not documenting those adventures, Lily’s Curva Peligrosa tells the story of another traveler through magic realism.

Lily’s also written FLING! and a book of poetry, ALL THIS and her soon to be released FREEFALL: A DIVINE COMEDY.

Until then, you can read Lily on her blog and Amazon, follow and friend her on Facebook and Twitter and Lily Iona MacKenzie’s Book Marketing 101 to get her take on on Reviews, Goodreads, Readings and Radio Stations.

Thriller Author Tatjana KruseFrom way over yonder (Germany, actually) we talk with former rocket scientist, supermodel, attack dog walker, Nobel peace prize winner and exotic dancer turned writer turned author Tatjana Kruse. We’ll be the first people on this side of the Atlantic to talk with Tatjana about her musical mystery novels (DEADLY ENCORE, for example). Her many novels have been translated into Korean, Russian, Bulgarian and other languages in distant lands.

Until then, read her on her homepage and Amazon, follow and friend her on Facebook, Twitter and @Krimikruse on Snapchat.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 – Giacomo ‘Jim’ Giammatteo – Walking Wild Boars and Best Friends

Giacomo 'Jim' GiammatteoGiacomo ‘Jim’ Giammatteo writes gritty crime dramas about murder, mystery and family. He also pens the NO MISTAKES CAREERS series and we hope none of those titles involve murder or mystery.

Jim holds the Guinness World Record for the most books published in a single year – 37! He also writes children’s books and writers’ books on grammar, writing and publishing. He had three concurrent mystery series, each starting with a different title; MURDER TAKES TIME, A BULLET FOR CARLOS and NECESSARY DECISIONS. Those almost seem like No Mistakes Careers titles, don’t they? Depends on your career choice, maybe?

Anyway, until then you can read Jim on his homepage, his careers site, his publishing site and of course, Amazon. You can befriend and follow him on Facebook and connect with him on LinkedIn

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 – Heather LeRoss – Tipsy Tiaras and First Person Imperfect

Pretty and Close to Perfect Healther LeRossWe end May with definitely pretty and pretty close to perfect author of JUST TELL ME I’M PRETTY: MUSINGS ON A MESSY LIFE Heather LeRoss.

Heather’s an author, blogger and Life and Women’s Writing Coach. She claims she’s an imperfect human trying to raise perfect humans. She’s mom to 2 boys of her own and a step-son. She lives in the gross world of boys who argue about using soap in the shower and ensure the dog always has fun stuff to lick in the bathroom.

Heather writes to connect women who feel alone, who are missing a village of support. She writes for the mother of a special needs child who’s not sure how she is going to manage one more melt-down, one more parent-teacher conference, or one more day. She writes for the women who pee their pants when they sneeze, cry during commercials for diapers, and who still want to sometimes hear, “You’re pretty.”

Until then, read Heather on blog, ScaryMommy and Amazon, follow and friend her on Facebook and Twitter.

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