June 2018 Author Interview Plunge Schedule

June brings us dead bodies in baggage claim, medical insurance oddities, odd Jewish books and skies full of dressmakers. I think.

Yo! Ready for the June 2018 Author Interview Plunges?

There’s lots to look forward to and much diversity coming in June. We start June with Financial Planning for Murders, take a brief sojourn into the Jewish Paranormal, stop off for some nasty medical thrillers and end the month recovering from sexual addiction.

Think of it as four points on a compass.

A crazy, bizarre compass. You probably don’t want to steer your ship by it, but what the heck. It could be fun.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018 – Sharon Marchisello – Pricing the Dead Body in Baggage Claim

Finance Professional and Murder Provocateur Sharon MarchiselloWe start June with Sharon Marchisello, a woman with one foot firmly planted in personal finance and the other on someone’s grave. When not helping people plan their futures she’s burying bodies because Sharon writes both personal finance and murder mysteries.
Sharon’s current murder mystery is GOING HOME and her personal finance book is LIVE CHEAPLY, BE HAPPY, GROW WEALTHY.

Until then, you can read Sharon on her author’s or personal finance sites, follow and friend her on Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 – Philip Mann – Oddball Jewish Paranormalism

Philip MannNext we take a walk on the wild side with Jewish Paranormal author Philip Mann.
No, Philip isn’t paranormal but he is Jewish and it’s an interesting and rare mix (did you know there was a Jewish Paranormal?).
Philip claims he always had a vivid imagination, but only focussed it in 2010, more or less. His wife puts up with his ramblings knowing that it keeps him from serious, possibly certifiable acts. There are now three books available – DARK MUSE, THE GATEKEEPER and FIRST OF THE FALLEN – in the DARK MUSE series.

In the meantime, you can find Philip on Facebook and LinkedIn

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 – Wendy Weiss – Crimes of Desperation and Other Insurance Oddities

Medical Thriller Author Wendy WeissWe start the month with dead bodies in baggage claim, become paranormically Jewish and now question medical and insurance ethics with Medical Thriller Author Wendy Weiss.
Wendy’s both a registered nurse and novelist who’s originally from the Boston area and now lives in Florida. Her nursing specialties include caring for patients with chronic conditions, including mental illness and addiction, and she’s peer reviewed and professionally published.
Wendy’s current book is DETACHED and she’s got more on the way.
In the meantime, you can find Wendy on , Twitter, Amazon and her blog

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 – Jennifer Irwin – DressMaker Extraordinaire

Jennifer IrwinWe end June with A DRESS THE COLOR OF THE SKY author Jennifer Irwin. Originally from The Big Apple, Jennifer now lives in LA with her cats, dog, boyfriend and occasional visits from her three sons. She’s an author with a background in cinema, advertising, marketing and is a certified Pilates instructor.
A DRESS THE COLOR OF THE SKY is a story of one woman’s overcoming the pains of an abusive relationship and the steps involved in growth and recovery.
While you’re waiting for her interview to air, check out Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Goodreads and her blog.

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  1. Nice variety of authors. I found, A Dress The Color of the Sky very intriguing and will give it a read. Thank you, Joseph, for sharing the variety.