Sept 2018 Author Interview Plunge Schedule

Deep Space Superhero Hairdressing Christian Erotic Celtic Gothic Murder Mysteries…yeah, I think I got ’em all

Yo! Here we are with the Sept 2018 Author Interview Plunges. Hard to believe it’s been nine months.

Yeah, I’m ready to give birth.

September plunges range from deep space science fiction to christian erotica fantasy to hairdressing jury selections to superhero inspired Celtic gothics.

Wednesday, 5 Sept 2018 – Fabrice Rigaux – Jumping into HyperSpace with Human StarPilots

Fabrice RigauxWe start September with HUMAN STARPILOTS author Fabrice Rigaux writing as F Stephan.

Fabrice is a native American who’s lived most of his life in France and has always worked in international environments. He currently lives in Macon, France with his wife and two children. His day job is as a consultant in Information Systems and Technology and university professor. His non-fiction books are BIEN ACHETER SON INFORMATIQUE EN PME – PURCHASE CLOUD APPLICATIONS – 10 QUESTIONS TO BUY SMARTER, Purchase a Cloud application and Acheter une application Cloud.

Wednesday, 12 Sept 2018 – Rebecca Tran – Christian Fantasy and Erotica

Rebecca TranNext up christian fantasy and erotica author Rebecca Tran.

I can put “christian” and “fantasy” together because mythologies are fantasies made personal. It’s the “erotica” part that throws me.

Rebecca spends her non-author time with her two daughters, her Boston Terrier and as a pharmacist. Her books include FOR THEIR SINS, A GUARDIAN FALLS, NEUTRAL SPACE and THE RASHADE’ (CHRONICLES OF THE CORANYDAS BOOK 1).

You can catch up with Rebecca on her website, her blog, friend and follow her on Facebook, her A Guardian Falls page, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Google+ and the Independent Author Network

Wednesday, 19 Sept 2018 – Rosemarie Aquilina – Can you do something rooty with my bedhead, Your Honor?

What do you do when you’re sick and tired of the politics in the judicial system?

You become a hairdresser. Better yet, become a mystery solving hairdresser who knows the legal, judicial and law enforcement world.

Or create a character that does all that, which is what Judge Rosemarie Aquilina did. Her current novels include 2003’s FEAR NO EVIL from Porch Swing Press and TRIPLE CROSS KILLER from Fiery Seas Publishing. Her current work in progress is ALL RISE and we’ll share an excerpt on her interview page.

Meanwhile, friend and follow Rosemarie on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, 26 Sept 2018 – S.P. Brown – Superhero Inspired Celtic Gothics

From courtroom and beauty shop intrigue to Celtic Mysteries, our next stop is with college professor and author S.P. Brown.

S.P. Brown knows a lot about what it takes to be a superhero. Although he doesn’t claim to be one, he’s written peer-reviewed academic papers on the subject (they’re a great read for Marvel Comic aficionados). His books include FALLEN WIZARD,VEILED MEMORY and THE LEGACY, all from Black Opal Books.

You can find out more about S.P. and his interesting life in and out of academia, Celtic Lore and superheros on his website