New Year’s Turkeys (2020)

What do you do with a backyard of glorious birds?

You wish them well in the New Year.

It’s a human-decreed new year, not a natural one.

Then again, most human-decreed western cultural holidays for the past 2,000+ years have not followed nature’s timelines.

All things in cycles, all things in circles.

Wise ones – usually taught by Old Ones – know how to rise above the cycles while still riding them.

Like thermals. Seagulls. Hawks. Eagles. Most raptors and quite a few others. Stay aloft without effort.

Letting the rising air lift them above events on the ground. Above near troubles to see more. See better.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you but only when you’re in it. Otherwise, leave tomorrow’s troubles for tomorrow.

There’s enough to do today.