Toe Nibblers

Toe Nibblers.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve documented the various toe nibblers in our yard since 2018.

They were here before, like the indigenes and paleoliths before them and megafauna before them and the …

A long while, anyway.

Most of the toe nibblers these days are in the “fauna” class. Not megafauna and definitely not flora although, if you’ve read some of The Shaman chapters, you know that can change rapidly and without warning.

But not to anyone’s detriment.

We have had bear, Lucius and Horace specifically, but both were extremely shy. They huffled off when I came out to say hello.

Might have been different if I had honey.

Bet they would have nibbled something then.

Might not be here to talk about it, if they had.

So it goes, huh?