Oaps loves Grannies

Granny Smith apples.

Although we’re sure all o’possums love their grannies (apples and otherwise).

Granpies, too (are there such things as Granpy Smith apples?).

Not sure how many generations of a family line can comfortably co-exist. We haven’t noticed any o’possums being territorial. We’ve seen them sit side by side and dine.

Usually a male and female, though.

But not a female with pups.

Pupped females…don’t like to be bothered.

None of that “Want to see my darling children?” for them.

Oh, no, no, no.

Pupped womens – at least o’possum womens – are (like all in The Wild) protective mothers.

Probably protective grannies, too.

No idea about the granpies, though.