Alexis Cunningham’s “Sweet Summer Swimmer” now in Rabbit Hole V anthology

I’m lucky enough to have my work included in The Rabbit Hole Volume 5: Just…Plain…Weird anthology along with quite a group of talented authors. I especially love the teaser

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. On our fifth excursion into the warren of the odd, 37 authors lead us down their own little burrows of strangeness : an army of penguins, music that cures, aliens that communicate through old cartoons, images of the future that save, unwanted visions of the now, and, oh yes, it is raining lawyers. All have one thing in common, they are just…plain…weird.
Weird can be funny, weird can be sad, weird can be thoughtful, weird can be mad, but the one thing in common is that weird shares experiences you have, thankfully, never had.
Just be careful, all little bunnies are not nice, but they are memorable.

About the Author
Born and raised in the UK, Alexis Cunningham has a curious and macabre imagination that leads to questions like, what if heaven outsourced its paperwork to hell? And is it better to be eaten early in a zombie apocalypse or later? She has published an urban fantasy/horror short story collection The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear on Amazon and her work is featured in the Haunt horror anthology (Dragon Soul Press).

How the stories came about?
Sweet Summer Swimming, a story about nefarious jellyfish came into fevered being during a heatwave, probably inspired by an Englishwoman’s fear of good weather. Or it could just be the author is weird and comes up with weird stuff on the regular. Each is equally likely.

Drifting with the current the horde floats onwards, trailing diaphanous tentacles and pulsating bellows-like, they move without purpose, thoughtless and lovely, ensnaring fish and plankton, glittering all the way. They are coming, they are going, they know not which. They are the jellies and they are on their way.


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