Mom and Pop Have Hungry Pups

There is a joy in sharing one’s bounty with the bountyless.

At least for us.

Long ago we made the mistake of openly giving to charities.

It was amazing how many hands appeared outside our door.

Hands attached to Two-Legs.


Since then we’ve set things up to give anonymously.

We, ourselves, have no money to give.

Happy to give of our time, our knowledge, our experience, our backs.

Amusing anecdote along those lines.

More than thirty years ago I was involved with a non-profit center. They had no money for office software, lots of members, and lots of needs.

I was considered something of a programming wiz at the time and offered to develop a custom management system for them specific to their needs, no charge.

Wow! Sure! Thanks!

A month or so later I presented them with the system, the documentation, trained their staff, got pats on the back and many thanks, and left.

The next time I returned people were nervous around me. Not offish, only anxious. Confused, I said, “You do know the office system was a gift. I don’t want to be paid for it.”

The Director said she understood. I shrugged and looked around. “What can I do next?”

She explained their anxiety was around I gave them such a gift, way beyond what they could afford, and now they didn’t know what to do with me because there were no other software needs.

I laughed. “Joseph’s also good at lifting heavy boxes.”

She stared at me for a moment then burst out laughing. “Yeah. Right. I forgot that what you did when you first came to us.”

Two-Legs often stop seeing the person and start seeing a job.

Pity that.