Oh, They’re Quick, You know…

They can be quick, you know.


And quick.

Perhaps they have something else to do?

Ever wonder if The Wild makes appointments?

If Coyote has other matters it must attend?

Aside from changing seasons, aside from sudden weather changes (is there such a thing as a “sudden weather change” in The Wild? I mean, aren’t they aware of such things? Doesn’t their weather-wizardry put Two-Legs’ best meteorologists to shame? One wonders…).

They know they must return to their den, their nest, their roost, their burrow, to feed young, to check on mates, to do things only The Old Ones alone know how to do or which even should be done?

One wonders…

If only we had the millions of years of accumulated wisdom as do they.

We do, of course. We are both products of evolution.

The big difference, me thinks, is they pay attention.

We don’t.


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