The new edition of my urban science fantasy Empty Sky is available – Care to review it?

  1. The updated version of my urban science fantasy Empty Sky is available and on promo (99¢ Kindle, $11.99 Print) until 30 May 2023.
  2. Would you like a free Empty Sky PDF ARC in exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or BookBub? You would? Then comment on this post or reach out via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Goodreads letting me know you’d like the PDF ARC and when the review will go up (Empty Sky is ~490 print pages). I’ll email the PDF ARC to you within a week.

The rest of this post is Empty Sky teaser material.
(nice when people are upfront about such things, isn’t it?


Amazon and Goodreads Reviews

“If you like inspiring, fantastic, elaborate stories, this is your novel. Rich in detail, beautifully written, whether it is from the point of view of a dog or the moon, the reader can identify with all of them. A real mind movie treat.”

“Let go of expectations because this book is trippy and multi-dimensional. The plot works well as a murder mystery or a detective story, or a fantasy/mythology/SF fusion. As well as insightful psychology, it entangles computer science, AI, and quantum physics. So, it has no boundaries but does have lots of suspense, a truly psychopathic villain, and what I felt was a satisfying conclusion. Carrabis books are not for the faint of heart or lazy readers.”

“This was an incredibly engaging, truly unique read. The story is a mix of sci-fi and urban fantasy with strong mystery and thriller elements and even a touch of horror. It’s got some very technical scientific elements too (and I learned several new terms), and wonderful philosophical questions and considerations with timely messages about despair and hope and dreams. There’s some heartbreak in the story, and plenty of wonder. The descriptions that set the scenes are often full of beautiful imagery, approaching the poetic.”

“A masterfully built world where sci-fi and fantasy fans can feel right at home with an engaging marriage of folklore and computer science. Yet, at its core, making up the immovable bedrock of an already solid foundation is a thought-provoking villain. Faint-hearted readers beware. A nightmare dwells within these pages and its presence is felt from beginning to end. Whether you are into thrillers, mysteries, or haunting tales, you’ll find a little of all three here and the details hidden within the narrative are just icing on the cake. Empty Sky ages like a fine wine and must be re-read to fully appreciate the flavor.”