Smart Critters, Each and Every One

Ah, Glorious Raccoons.

(you have to include that “Glorious” part or they get cranky)

Tonight we entertain several of these furry beasties, at this point recently awoken from their winter slumbers.

I’ve noted previously that Raccoons don’t truly hibernate so much as go dormant.

So perhaps, more correctly, “…recently awoken from their winter dormancy.”?

In any case, several Raccoons deigned to join us on this fine, crisp, slightly past mid-winter’s eve.

Thank Hrycuna (the Raccoons‘ diety. Also their language) we regularly stock up on peanuts, dog food (they prefer the bacon flavor to the chicken flavor), and cookies (we haven’t found their faves, peanut cookies, in several years. If you know where we can find them, do tell.
Better yet, send us a box. Oh, come on, at least one or two packs. We’ll take it from there).

It is too early in the season for their kits to be about. It’s doubtful the females have kitted at this time. Far too early in the season.

Another indication is that both male and female gather together (“…to ask…Hrycuna’s blessing…”) at the baskets. Mothers near term and those with kits will challenge males and force them elsewhere.

Reminds one of Virginia Graham‘s Girl Talk


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