Asis Likes Opera (and he owns the yard)

It’s wonderful when you share joys with your neighbors. One of my joys is music. Can’t get enough and there’s not much I don’t like. Or at least recognize cultural value in. I noticed Asis the Hawk a’bobbin and a’weavin’ to some classic tunes. Opera. I enjoy a good opera. A good Gilbert and Sullivan. … Continue reading “Asis Likes Opera (and he owns the yard)”

Discussions with Asis the Hawk

Picking up from last week’s Abis the Hawk, we continue our daily hawking. This time with a male, Asis. Asis spends much time in our trees, observing. I wonder if he remembers being a tyrannosaur? Of feeling the blood to lesser behemoths flow down his sides, of hearing their death cries as his mighty raptorous … Continue reading “Discussions with Asis the Hawk”

First Rejections

I received a rejection on Meteor Man last week. The editor wrote I can appreciate the attention to detail in your world, but without knowing about the world or characters or what’s going on, the terminology bogs me down a bit too much. The comment intrigued me because no first reader commented anything similar. Even … Continue reading “First Rejections”

Things to Bring Back in Books – Tables-of-Contents

  Jennifer “The Editress” Day sent me the above graphic from a Facebook group she’s in. She asked if I agreed with the list provided. That set off a wonderful exploration of my thinking on these topics and caused me to defend my opinions for my own benefit (which I now share with you). I’ll … Continue reading “Things to Bring Back in Books – Tables-of-Contents”