Shaman Story Chapter X – The Wild, The Shadows

[I mentioned in Shaman Story Chapter 5 – Lessons that chapter numbering would get wonky as Shaman Story is a work in progress. This week’s entry bears that out, as it comes before chapter 6 and after chapter 5. So far. I think.] Read Shaman Story Chapter 5 – Lessons. Shaman Story Chapter X – … Continue reading “Shaman Story Chapter X – The Wild, The Shadows”

The Augmented Man “In” – 1 April 2053 Surface available on Bewildering Stories #954

Hello again. Mani He had a successful serialization on Bewildering Stories Issues #947-952, and the wonderful folks there are sharing the first chapter of The Augmented Man, “In” 1 April 2053 Surface. You can get some of The Augmented Man‘s backstory at 31 Years to Publication. Enjoy!  

Mani He (conclusion) now on Bewildering Stories Issue 952

Continuing the success of Mani He (part 1) Mani He (part 2) Mani He (part 3) Mani He (part 4) and Mani He (part 5) in Bewildering Stories Issue 947 Bewildering Stories issue 948 Bewildering Stories Issue 949 Bewildering Stories issue 950 and Bewildering Stories issue 951 respectively, Mani He (conclusion) appears in Bewildering Stories … Continue readingMani He (conclusion) now on Bewildering Stories Issue 952″