Raccoon Pig Pile

Sometimes things get hectic. Some nights things get very hectic. Not as hectic as they could be or have been. Once we had over twenty raccoons in our backyard, all with forelegs across their chests, tapping their little raccoon feet, while we put out dog food, peanuts, cookies, and assorted other treats for them. One … Continue reading “Raccoon Pig Pile”

Be Cool, Clarence

Our visitors from The Wild are varied. We get all manner of life. Bear to deer to fox, wolf, coyote, turkey, hawk, hummingbird, hummingbird moth. We haven’t had skunk in a while. Not an issue. Years ago Larry, a young juvenile who hadn’t mastered scent control yet, and Ferdinand, a grand old gent with a … Continue reading “Be Cool, Clarence”

It’s in the Trees! It’s Coming!

That line is in two of my favorite items. One is Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, the other is the 1957 British horror film Night of the Demon. Aside from its cult status, the line has always carried a certain power for me, possibly because I’ve always loved trees. I rarely climbed trees as a … Continue reading “It’s in the Trees! It’s Coming!”

Empty Sky Chapter 1 – The Cabin (28 Aug 2020, Audio)

The version of the chapter presented here is a far cry from the version currently in print (and I have a standing offer regarding the current version; Buy a copy, leave a review, I’ll send you a signed copy of the rewrite when it’s published). For that matter, the version presented here is a stretch … Continue reading “Empty Sky Chapter 1 – The Cabin (28 Aug 2020, Audio)”