Toe Nibblers

Toe Nibblers. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve documented the various toe nibblers in our yard since 2018. They were here before, like the indigenes and paleoliths before them and megafauna before them and the … A long while, anyway. Most of the toe nibblers these days are in the “fauna” class. … Continue reading “Toe Nibblers”

Fingers Are Tasty, Too, Two-Legger

One of the joys of surrogate parenting is counting digits to make sure all is well. Not theirs, mine. Remember my mentioning that one little feller was going to be trouble? His name is Samuel and I was right. He’s a toe nibbler. Nothing serious as of yet. Although he keeps a’tryin’. Give him time…or … Continue reading “Fingers Are Tasty, Too, Two-Legger”