The Rablet

A long standing question here at Chez Carrabis is “What do we call the young ones?” Consider: Our dog, Boo, is always called “Pup.” Okay, he’s also called “Boomeister,” “Mr. Boo,” “Bootosky,” and you get the idea. And often, just Pup. So what did we call him when he was still a young thing? Doglet, … Continue reading “The Rablet”

Turkeys, NPR, and Friday Morning Coffee

I mentioned our Turkeys penchant for NPR and coffee in Turkeys, NPR, and Morning Coffee. Well, they’re at it again. Many of the same turkeys. Some new ones. This was videoed in Feb of this year. Currently we’ve had a lone Tom visit. The hens have, we’re hoping, been staying on their eggs. We further … Continue reading “Turkeys, NPR, and Friday Morning Coffee”