Come to my Virtual Book Signing Tour (15% of all earnings go to charities)

I enjoy meeting people. Talk with people and you learn so much. Not only their likes and dislikes, but pay attention and you learn about their lives, their loves, their pains and joys, their sorrows, their hopes and dreams.

I especially enjoy meeting people and talking about books. What kind of books do you enjoy? What’s your favorite book? What’s the last book you read? What are you reading now?

People answering those questions are sharing their lives through the pages of the books they’ve read. Few things bring people together quicker than a shared experience. Doesn’t matter if it’s the same food, the same wine, the same TV show, movie, place, or book.

One thing I enjoy about authoring is book signings. I did two each month for quite a while. It didn’t matter if people wanted to talk about my books or others, I enjoyed the meeting, talking, and learning. Don’t like my genre? Not a problem. “What do you like?” They’d answer and I’d suggest books in that genre to them. Or they’d suggest books to me and both our reading lists grow.

I love doing that; introducing people to new books and new authors and being introduced to new books and authors myself.

So I’ve decided to do Virtual Book Signings
Here’s how it works: Buy one or more of my books via the form below and, once your purchase is confirmed, you’ll get a link to the 18 Sept 5-6pmET chat online (we’ll use Zoom) and you’ll get a link to an online reading/writing/sharing chat with me (no more than ten people per session) AND I’ll send you the signed book before the chat. The chats will be two-hours long. You can come and go as you please, just like a bookstore, conference, or convention book signing event.

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