Fabrice Rigaux – Jumping into HyperSpace with Human StarPilots

On a desert island with a good book, a good woman and maybe Matt Damon because he knows how to grow things to eat

Fabrice RigauxHello all and welcome to our continuing series of author interviews. Today’s guest is Human StarPilots author and international educator and consultant Fabrice Rigaux.

Being bilingual and bicontinental, Fabrice brings years of multicultural understanding to his writing and demonstrates his knowledge of differences and similarities to his debut novel (and we hope others). I’d like everyone to stand up and give Fabrice Rigaux a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

I started to write in 2016, using the courses I give to build the first book. It was in French and about Purchasing IT.

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Sept 2018 Author Interview Plunge Schedule

Deep Space Superhero Hairdressing Christian Erotic Celtic Gothic Murder Mysteries…yeah, I think I got ’em all

Yo! Here we are with the Sept 2018 Author Interview Plunges. Hard to believe it’s been nine months.

Yeah, I’m ready to give birth.

September plunges range from deep space science fiction to christian erotica fantasy to hairdressing jury selections to superhero inspired Celtic gothics.

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