Greg Hickey – Rolling Your Own Forensic International Endurance Dystopia

Can you endure a philosophic discussion about forensics?

Forensic Dystopian Author Greg HickeyHello all and welcome to our continuing series of author interviews. Today’s guest knows about guns from a scientific point-of-view, about sports from an international point-of-view, about endurance from a training point-of-view and some how manages to merge all these into “roll you own” dystopian novels.

I’m afraid of needles, so it’s a good thing I’m not a diabetic or a heroin addict.

I’d like everyone to stand up and give Greg Hickey a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

It’s always humbling to look at that first draft again.

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August 2018 Author Interview Plunge Schedule

From Galactic Detectives to Gangs in our Schools to Dystopian Friars to Mid-Western Family Secrets in Organizations to Horses in Wine Country

Yo! Ready for the August 2018 Author Interview Plunges?

August is lucky with five interviews starting 1 Aug through 29 Aug covering galactic detectives, gangs in schools, dystopias, homesteading the American West and riding horses in vineyards.

People following our interviews know we’ve added a fifth point to our compass. No idea where we’re going and excited about getting there!

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