Teenage Turkeys at the High School Dance

Remember those high school dances?

When the guys stayed on one side of the gym and the girls stayed on the other with exception of those already paired up?

My high schooling occurred during that turbulent era when many still wanted to be with someone and an equal many were willing to come solo or – god forbid – in same-sex pairs.

Note, not homosexual pairs.

Oh, no, not that.

Not in my little town (with do apologies to Simon&Garfunkel).

Oh, we had them.

I know because I counted some, not all, as my friends.

Jan, for one. A truly beautiful, elegant, long-legged girl who confided she had the best of Rick and he came up a far cry from Judy who attended Memorial.

Good for you, Jan. And for Judy.

It doesn’t bother you?

I laughed and joked. “Not if I can watch.”

She cracked up, as well.

You could get away with things like that back then. Once people knew they could trust you and could be themselves around you.

Boy, how she laughed.


A Glorious Grouping

Once again, Raccoons gather.

We’re always so happy when our little furballs return in the Spring. I’m posting this in Feb ’23 and I recorded it in Mar ’22, just shy of a year ago.

Usually they come out of winter a tad leaner than these stout ladies here.

Leaner and often after a bit of raccoon loving, their bodies not yet swelling with kits waiting to be born.

We watch them bulk, make sure they have protein and fats, a good mix, so their teats will be full to nurse their young.

And then, a month or two later, kits!

But for now, a glorious grouping of garrulous girls.



A Lady Alone

Following up on last week’s rant about Two-Leggers attitude re bringing children into the world vs The Wild’s, more with our lovely Lady Coyote.

This video is from late March 2022 and I’m happy to announce she and her escort brought three healthy pups into the world.

They were delightful to watch, once mom and pop brought them around.

Good eatin’ at the Carrabis’, you know.

At some point we saw them less and less.

Better hunting elsewhere, I guess.

More safety, as well.

There be humans here, you know.

And The Wild knows.

Humans can’t be trusted.