Hyacinthe Loves Her Peanuts

There is a joy in caring for The Old Ones. I find a joy in caring for The Old Ones. I don’t want to supplant the natural ways. Evolution has designed each to be the epitome of their moment in time. And still… And still… To be trusted… More than trusted, accepted, by a wild … Continue reading “Hyacinthe Loves Her Peanuts”


Each year we welcome at least one new family of raccoons into our yard. I shared our abundance of waking raccoons in Early March Raccooning, when last year’s kits and parents woke up hungry and looking for food. One young lass, Hyacinthe, has frequented us regularly and, as we’ve learned, has five healthy kits (vids … Continue reading “Hyacinthe”

Spring Kits

We’re happy to report Hyacinth and her kits made it through another winter. They woke pretty much on schedule and came for their…umm…dinner? A bit late for breakfast or lunch. Unless they’re working 3rd shift. Which is possible. Raccoons are usually nocturnal. At least around here. Except when they’re preggers and/or nursing. Either one, they … Continue reading “Spring Kits”

This Is How It’s Suppose to Be

I wrote Can’t We All Just Get Along? last week, and what a difference a day or two makes. Hester is accepted by Hyancinthe and her kits. Took no time at all. Did take a little prodding. And now all is good. The original Outer Limits‘s 1st season, 3rd episode was The Architects of Fear. … Continue reading “This Is How It’s Suppose to Be”

Chester’s People

First off, it’s Chestette, not Chester. Second, this post’s title is a librage to Le Carre’s Smiley’s People (a good if dated read). The clan is much shyer than Hyacinthe’s. We’ve come out and found them at odds with each other, which is a shame because we put out quite a bit of food. We … Continue reading “Chester’s People”