It’s horrible when you have peanut shells on your butt

Ah, the good life. To be able to kick back, relax, have a little nosh with some friends. We document behaviors we’ve seen through the generations. Sitting on one’s butt while eating, for example, goes back to the first raccoon who befriended us, Rocky. It’s fascinating to trace behaviors and physical characteristics back through generations … Continue reading “It’s horrible when you have peanut shells on your butt”

This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)

As happens, things continue. Case in point, the next generation of raccoons. Here we see one kit, sometimes referred to as a raccoonlit, and briefly. Future videos reveal Hyacinthe’s proclivity. But for now, a bold one. Who quickly shies away. I remember Rocky telling her kits, “It’s a Two-Legger. He’s okay, but don’t let him … Continue reading “This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)”


We have many raccoons. Most of them are quite social. Chester, for instance. Chester, you may notice, has a somewhat ratty tail. A few years back we had another raccoon with a ratty tail. Makes one wonder if they’re related. We do monitor blood lines. Behaviors and distinctive features seen years ago surface now and … Continue reading “Chester”