It’s in the Trees! It’s Coming!

That line is in two of my favorite items. One is Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, the other is the 1957 British horror film Night of the Demon. Aside from its cult status, the line has always carried a certain power for me, possibly because I’ve always loved trees. I rarely climbed trees as a … Continue reading “It’s in the Trees! It’s Coming!”

This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)

As happens, things continue. Case in point, the next generation of raccoons. Here we see one kit, sometimes referred to as a raccoonlit, and briefly. Future videos reveal Hyacinthe’s proclivity. But for now, a bold one. Who quickly shies away. I remember Rocky telling her kits, “It’s a Two-Legger. He’s okay, but don’t let him … Continue reading “This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)”