B&E Tales from the Pages Welcomes Chris Mason and Joseph Carrabis

I had the pleasure of chatting with Barbara Ehrentreu and Chris Mason recently.

Most of us have been inside of our houses way too long and maybe you are looking for something a little different to while away the hours. Come join my guests, Joseph Carrabis and Chris Mason and me on Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 4pm Eastern time. We will be discussing the accomplishments of each of these unique authors. Joseph Carrabis is the author of over twenty-five books including a dozen novels. Chris Mason has a unique home and he is the author of many books and coloring books. This should be a very interesting and unusual show. As always there may be some surprise guests. If you have listened to past shows you know anything can happen!

Listen to the entire episode and let us know what you think.

I’m Thriving Globally (thanks to Roshan Bhondekar)!

Brother Roshan Bhondekar, an internationally recognized activist, author (of Love – The Key to Optimism: Path Towards Happiness), and award-winning film maker asked if he could write a piece about me. The result is His Vision Made Him Unique.

When he reached out to me I said sure. Why not?

To be honest, I thought it might be a simple blurb (he’s busy with his many projects). Instead I learn he’s done an amazing job connecting the dots of my life into an interesting story.

I mean, I found it interesting. And I think I’m boring and dull. Sometime we forget what we’ve done in our lives.

And I’m still boring and dull.

Anyway, big thanks to Roshan Bhondekar for writing His Vision Made Him Unique

I got P.D. Allevanated!

One of the joys of authoring is the ability to vernaculate at will.

For example, I am a Carrabinoid, a member of the Carrabises. When I do something, I Carrabinate it. Unless I did it in the past, in which case I carrabinated it.

I’ve studied languages from all over this world (and a few others) and as functional as English is, it is also extremely limiting. For example, actions (verbs) have a tense (time component) but people don’t, an indication that our linguistic forebears thought identity superceded action. It doesn’t. If you want to know who/what someone is (identity) observe how they act and what they do (action). Their actions reveal their internal processes far better than their words ever would.

Some languages I’ve studied are from cultures that understand people change. Identity has tenses, actions do not. There is only “present tense”. If you want to talk about something that happened yesterday, last week, month, or year, you change the tense of the people involved because those people aren’t here, another version of them is. A kind of “Joseph does this” (I’m doing it now) and “Jaseph does this” (I did it yesterday) and “Jaeseph does this” (I did it a long time ago).

Anyway, P.D. Allevanated me and it goes live today.

We talked about amazing stuff, and I always enjoy a good interview, whether my own or someone else’s. My favorite question in this interview was “If you could only take three books with you through an interstellar portal, what would they be?”

Bet you can’t guess what I answered.

Guess you’ll have to go and find out.

And please do!

Fantasy Horror Author A.F. Stewart and I talk Deviltry, Noveltry, Shipbuilding, Agony and Ecstasy

Watch, leave a comment, gain a friend!

A.F. Stewart, aka @Scribe77, did me.

Interviewed me, I mean.

We talked about

  • The differences between writing short stories and novels (not much from a crafting standpoint, me thinks)
  • Creating sympathetic villains (even the worst person has one humanizing detail)
  • Genre writing (I don’t believe I write in a genre. My regular readers tell me my genre is “Joseph”)
  • My incredible anthology, Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires
  • Being able to do amazing things with words when you’re an author
  • The link between Satan and Hamilton Burger
  • Getting kudos from your readers
  • Ritchie and Phyl, my incredible work in progress
  • How writing Flash fiction is like building a ship in a bottle
  • Great Opening Lines
  • My incredible scifi/military/thriller, The Augmented Man
  • Writing about characters rather than genre (the story comes first, the genre comes second)
  • Empty Sky and my standing offer; read the book, leave a review, and I’ll send you an autographed copy of the rewrite when it’s published.
  • Children growing up
  • Stories that grew out of my anthropology studies – Mani He and The Goatmen of Aguirra
  • Getting kudos from editors and publishers
  • Writing almost fantastic fantasies (okay, the story’s fantastic. It uses almost fantasy elements – The Weight)

So, yeah, we covered a few things.


Carol Ann Kauffman Vision and Versed Me

I did a slightly different type of interview with retired school teacher and prolific romantic action adventure (with a sci-fi/ fantasy twist) and mystery author Carol Ann Kauffman a while back.

I offer slightly different as the questions weren’t ones I normally get: favorite food, favorite artwork, perfect evening. There were the usual questions, too, and it’s my responses to the off-axis questions that amuse me (we did the interview a while back).

Responses to the common questions have changed since we did the interview. The Augmented Man was indie published in Jul 2019 and is available at most book sellers. I’ve completed the rewrite and editing of the new draft of Empty Sky and am sending it out to agents and publishers (there’s a standing offer, by the way; anybody who buys a copy and writes a review will receive an autographed copy when the new version is released. Go for it. Buy a copy, write a review. I dare you).

And the interview has one of my favorite photos of Susan (wife, partner, Princess) and me.

Please give Carol Ann Kauffman’s Interview with Author Joseph Carrabis (that’s me!) a read and let us know what you think.