Alphabetical Opie

I mentioned in Oaps Likes Grand Funk how intrigued we are by The Wild‘s musical tastes.

Example: Last night’s Opossum banged along with Grand Funk. Today, it’s Keith Jarrett.

And, hey. Who wouldn’t cruise with Keith Jarrett, right?

Especially when Susan‘s offering commentary…


Oaps Likes Grand Funk

We are often intrigued by The Wild‘s musical tastes.

It is eclectic to say the least.

And it would be one thing if musical preferences followed some kind of Old One differentiation, you know?

Something like “All raccoons prefer Bach, all Opossum prefer modern jazz, skunk are heavily into acid rock (thank goodness they’re not!), …”

You know, some kind of differentiator so we could see who’s come to visit and put on something to suit their musical tastes.

No such luck.

Each’s musical leanings are as individuated as, well, as they are.


That seems to be the commonality.

Not only across species, but individuals, as well.

Set out a good table and they’ll gather.

It’s a good thing.


Oaps Pays Attention to Traffic

In the cool of the night…

(feel a need to due homage to Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger here)

In the cool of the night, the Opossums come to dine.

Don’t remember seeing an Opossum during the day. Unless it was deep in the woods, heavily in shadow, and usually peeking out from underneath something.

Opossums are skittish at the best of times. We’ve seen them dining with raccoons and, the moment some raccoon gets a tad too close, you can hear Opossum say, “Beware my piercing teeth.

That’s their own name for themselves, by the way.

In OriOrinda, the Opossums’ native tongue, their name translates to “Beware my piercing teeth.”

Good to know, that.

Good to know.


The Mighty Oaps

An infrequent frequent visitor is The Mighty Oaps, aka Opossum.

Maybe I should write that as “A frequently infrequent visitor…”

Either way, Oaps visited us a few nights back.

We didn’t know he was coming or we would have put out some of his favorite munchies.

Basically anything edible is his favorite munchie.

Bananas, for example. Who would have thought opossums go for bananas?


Well, they don’t.

They prefer Obananas.



Family Dining

Ever get together with a friend’s family for a meal out?

Happens in The Wild a lot. Often you’ll get distantly related families – Opossum, Raccoon, Fox, Skunk, and the like – dining together, sometimes at the same table…or pile…sometimes not.

They don’t seem to mind.

Sometimes when I’m out there, they will gather around me. Raccoon kits nibble at my toes, other kits and pups wait patiently with their elders for me to leave food for them.

I once cracked some peanuts in my hand and two raccoons stood at my feet reaching up.

Do you have any idea how wonderful it feels to know The Old Ones consider you safe?

Not to mention being an easy touch.