It was a dark and stormy night

Welcome to Chez Carrabis, the only wildlife 24×7 in our neighborhood.

This night, this scene, reminds me of my days long-haul trucking. No matter the weather or time of day, rack up the miles, deliver the goods, pickup the next load for backhauling.

I (and most others I knew back in the day) preferred traveling at night. Less traffic. Staties pretty much knew who we were (we had regular routes) and would let us pass by way over the posted limit.

I remember meeting one fellow who told me he clocked 120mph+ on the Queen Victoria from Montreal to Toronto and down onto Detroit.

Wow (on so many levels).

My personal best was Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Washington, DC in 17 hours. This was before the Trans-Canada went to Sydney and, if you remember the roads back then, you’ll appreciate I was low altitude flying.

When we did stop (rarely), it was in midnight diners that catered to long-haulers.

Made some good friends. Excellent teachers, they. A few years later the CB craze started and the air got polluted so we found other ways to talk to each other.

And a bit after that, I was completely out of the game.

Sad, but I still remember those good times, good friends, and good diners.

Eat hearty, all.


An Anonymous Young Lad

It’s been a while since Skunk visited us. The last confirmed visit was Clarence of Be Cool, Clarence fame.

Prior to Clarence’s nocturnal joy-bringing…or wafting…depends on direction, I suppose…our last visits were from Larry (seen dining with Boris below)

and prior to that, Ferdinand (seen dining with Gracie below)

The images above are from 3 Oct 2011 and 3 Oct 2012 respectively.

It doesn’t seem that long ago.

They are, I know, long past into history, kept alive in memory, and shared with you here that you may keep them alive after I’m gone.

And some day, soon I know, we’ll learn this young lad’s name and keep him alive in memory as well.

I wonder…will you remember me? And what will those memories say of me?

It’s not a vain question, not driven by ego. I often explore my and others’ memories. Take a snapshot of what people collected at any moment in time, what they chose to remember via physical artifact, and you know who they were at that moment in time.

Fascinating, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, an anonymous young lad.


Family Dining

Ever get together with a friend’s family for a meal out?

Happens in The Wild a lot. Often you’ll get distantly related families – Opossum, Raccoon, Fox, Skunk, and the like – dining together, sometimes at the same table…or pile…sometimes not.

They don’t seem to mind.

Sometimes when I’m out there, they will gather around me. Raccoon kits nibble at my toes, other kits and pups wait patiently with their elders for me to leave food for them.

I once cracked some peanuts in my hand and two raccoons stood at my feet reaching up.

Do you have any idea how wonderful it feels to know The Old Ones consider you safe?

Not to mention being an easy touch.


Be Cool, Clarence

Our visitors from The Wild are varied.

We get all manner of life. Bear to deer to fox, wolf, coyote, turkey, hawk, hummingbird, hummingbird moth.

We haven’t had skunk in a while.

Not an issue.

Years ago Larry, a young juvenile who hadn’t mastered scent control yet, and Ferdinand, a grand old gent with a white band broad enough to land a cesna on.

They passed, as does everything, even Mountain and Ocean, Star and Universe itself, given enough time.

One wonders, considering things as a kind of hierarchy, who lasts longer than time. Or who created time.

Some philosophers – even some cosmologists – consider Time to be a human invention.


I’ve met Time, had many enjoyable conversations with it. I tell it what philosophers and cosmologists say and it laughs.

Ever felt a ripple in time?

That’s Time laughing.