Mani He (part 2) now on Bewildering Stories Issue 948

Continuing the success of Mani He (part 1) in Bewildering Stories Issue 947, Mani He (part 2) appears today in Bewildering Stories issue 948.

Mani He originally appeared in Magic 1995, Crumb Elbow Publishing’s Read ‘N Run Anthology 1996, and my self-published Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires in 2016.

It’s wonderful to know a work is so appreciated it’s anthologized again and again, and again and again.

Many writers contributed to Bewildering Stories Issue 948 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them all.

Please be sure to comment.

It means a lot to us.

Mani He now on Bewildering Stories Issue 947

I so enjoy my work being appreciated. And when my work is both appreciated and serialized (so it will appear over several issues. Mani He part one appears todau), even better.

More eyeballs on it. More chances for someone to read it and go, “Hey, this kid knows how to write.”

So do the wonderful folks at Bewildering Stories and me a favor; go read the issue. Feel free to read my story first, I won’t mind.

Many writers contributed to Bewildering Stories Issue 947 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them all.

Please be sure to comment.

It means a lot to us.

Christopher Herron, Publisher/Producer at Tall Tale Narration, LLC, does a dynamite job reading “Winter Winds”!

I’ve heard lots of people read my work and most of it left me meh.

So I was caught completely offguard by Chris Herron’s reading of my young adult scifi story, Winter Winds.

Winter Winds was the first story I had published. It originally appeared in Child Life back in 1978.

I’ll be the majority of people reading this post weren’t alive in 1978.

(I feel so old)

I also included it in my Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires anthology.

You can listen to Chris’ amazing Winter Winds reading below or by following any of these links (and please do!).

MP3 (podcast)
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And now, a big hand to Chris Herron, Publisher/Producer at Tall Tales Narration, LLC. (HURRAH!)


12 Days of Indies, Anyone?

Heidi Angell The Everwise asked me to participate in the 12 Days of Indies event and I’m honored and happy to do so.

Of course, I’m not doing this myself. Several authors are taking part.

And it would be kittens nice if you purchased some of their DEEPLY DISCOUNTED!!!! books.

(and thanks)

And most of the authors listed below will be doing Facebook Takeovers! I did my first today and will do other takeovers on:

  • Thursday, 16 Dec 2021, 11amET
  • Sunday, 19 Dec 2021, 1pmET
  • Friday, 24 Dec 2021, 9pmET

Please join us (and especially me).
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Them Doore Girls – Narration

Tim Curry invited me to take part in a Hallowe’en podcast with several other authors, each of us reading something we felt fit the season.

Hallowe’en is celebratory to me and mine, and I didn’t think that’s what Tim had in mind.

I have written horror, though.

No, not written horribly (okay, maybe, and I’m getting better (I hope)), and not quite of horrible things (although some of my work is dark, I’ll grant you), so that set me off on a search.

I came up with two things. The first, shared last week, is a concatenation of two chapters in The Shaman, each of which deals with a succubatic kind of creature, Ellewomen. That post is, strangely enough, entitled “The Ellewomen.”

This one, Them Doore Girls, is from a horror story first published in Haunts 1992 and again in my self-published Tales Told Round Celestial Campfires 2016.

FYI, the sound quality is wanting. I find it best through headphones.


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