Allegory eZine Published “The Boy Who Loved Horses”

I’m honored, I’m flattered, I’m thrilled, and I hope everyone enjoys reading it.

The Boy Who Loved Horses is based on time spent working in the Kentucky Appalachians. Truly beautiful country with truly wonderful people who understood the meaning of “community.”

I am fortunate to be accepted by them.

I was born in a town like this. Mine’s on the eastern ridge and closer to Raleigh. My town had the same dirt roads, the same one-room wooden church, the same old store where you asked for things instead of getting them yourself, the same people but with different faces, the same old men carrying coon rifles, girls getting married when they’re thirteen and younger, having kids before they’re through being kids themselves, the same sense of what’s ours and what’s not. I left my town and got educated. Made it into the extension service. Decided to come back and help others in towns like mine. My education didn’t take all the hill out of me, though. Knew enough to carry a gun in case I got too close to a still. But it did take some of the hill away. I forgot about towns like this.

Take a read and let me know what you think.

The Boy Who Loved Horses is also in my Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires anthology.

Sabine Rossbach Reading Excerpts from Cymodoce

I am blessed to have friends who perform kindnesses for me.

Case in point, Sabine Rossbach.

Sabine is a gifted and well-known stage, movie, and television actress in the EU (she’s quite tolerant of me butchering French, German, Italian, and even English in our exchanges). She’s also a reader of my writings.

The first work she read was Cymodoce and she wrote “Storytelling at its best: A feast for someone who loves the written word…” Next she read Empty Sky and wrote “Dreams make the world go round: If you like inspiring, fantastic, elaborate stories, this is your novel…

Obviously, Sabine is an intelligent, articulate person.

So when she offered to do a dramatic reading of Cymodoce (and after I got back up off the floor) I of course said “YES YES YES!”

So watch, enjoy, and let us know what you think.

And also know Sabine is interested in doing similar dramatic readings for other authors. You can contact her via her website (and please do. She knows what she’s doing).


Three Offerings for #WorldReadingAloudDay 2020


Sister Jamie Beth Cohen aka (@Jamie_Beth_S), author of Wasted Pretty, mentioned she’d done a reading for #WorldReadingAloudDay.

I, of course, never heard of #WorldReadingAloudDay.

The joys of mountaintop living.

But I love the idea, so here are three I hope you’ll enjoy.

The first two are from The Augmented Man, the last is from Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me, one of the stories in my Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires anthology.

Hope you enjoy!

(and let me know what you think)