Reginald the Rabbit

Behold Reginald.

I mentioned last week we had at least one rabbit. This be he and he be Reginald.

Take a moment to appreciate his sleek, graceful, chewing style. No grass goes unnoticed. A connoisseur of salads, this one.

And an avid gardener.

He’s ever watchful for succulent buds, nascent flora, all are under his watchful eye.


We Got Rabbits

Sometimes we discover a new visitor to our warren.

Or perhaps we’re the visitors and it’s their warren.

Or at least one new visitor. There may be others. We’re not sure.

Consider this bright young fellow. The last rabbit to visit us was Beryl just over a year ago. Soon after Beryl, we met Beryllia and discovered we had rablets in our backyard.

I mean, their backyard.

Prolific, they.

We suppose this charmer is one of Beryl and Beryllia’s offspring.

And we’re on the watch for others.

If only to learn their names.


Demands Demands Demands

Remember being called to dinner?

Was there a mad rush in your house as everyone took their seat at the table?

All the day’s hard labor forgotten around the laughter and banter, the teasing and catching up on each others’ activities away from home?

Who was seen flirting at the bus stop?

Who was caught taking apples from Farmer Duhlgren’s orchard?

And what did mother spend half a day preparing? With fresh steaming biscuits for the gravy?

Yeah, it wasn’t like that at my house, either.

But here’s a happy family, so let’s enjoy their pleasures with them.


Rainy Day Raccooning

Sometimes you gotta deal with wet.

Not intentional wet, like when you go crayin’ or fishin’, clammin’ or snailin’ down at the crik, here we talkin’ sky-openin’ hell duck-for-cover it’s-a-comin’ rain.

Oh, alright…so it’s not the apocalypse. More like a good, soaking rain needed by farmers, family gardeners, and municipal water supplies alike.

Or raccoons.

We have two buckets in our backyard and wildlife often avails themselves of them. We’ve had deer, coyote, wolf, opossum, lots of birds, and of course, raccoons take a sip.

The raccoons more often take a dunk.

Of cookies.

Obsessive cleaners, they.

You’d think they’d wear masks with all this Covid stuff going around.


It’s horrible when you have peanut shells on your butt

Ah, the good life.

To be able to kick back, relax, have a little nosh with some friends.

We document behaviors we’ve seen through the generations.

Sitting on one’s butt while eating, for example, goes back to the first raccoon who befriended us, Rocky.

It’s fascinating to trace behaviors and physical characteristics back through generations of wildlife.

Not to mention it can be amusing.

Watch and enjoy