Perusing the Menu

We last encountered Hawk in The Hawk (and less than a month ago it was).

Today we share another hawk, also youngish. There are several mature males and females in our area. They are either more shy or wary. We wonder if these fine young specimens are their offspring.

We suspect he’s checking out the menu.

Our backyard and yonder field are epicurean delights for The Wild.

They are such gourmets, you know.

This one also grooms.

Perhaps he’s on the prowl (yes, it is a he) for something other than a meal?

Perhaps he’s seen the Lovely Couple?

In any case, a handsome fellow perusing the menu.



Brother Joe Della Rosa and the Worm Snake

Sounds like it should be the title of a story, doesn’t it? Brother Joe Della Rosa and the Worm Snake.

It’s either a heroic epic, a children’s story, or horror.

But it’s none of the above.

Brother Joe Della Rosa shared some pictures of his meeting a worm snake when he was out walking with his children.




He and they often encounter The Wild that way.

Fantastic teaching opportunity, don’t you think?

To share one’s love and respect for The Old Ones through the generations. To show them your sense of awe and mystery.

Makes me wish I…no, I’m too old to have kids. I do share my feelings for The Wild and The Old Ones in my writing, though.

Perhaps you’ve noticed.

I’ve mentioned previously my preference for Nature over my own species.

Sure, there are a few of my species whose company I enjoy.

A few.

Ornery, ain’t I?

A Lovely Couple

Sometimes we are blessed to witness love on the bloom.

Not all couples stay faithful throughout their lives in The Wild. Some, like the Raccoon, don’t stay faithful for more than the time it takes to get the deed done.

Talk about “Slam, Bam, Thankyou, Ma’am.”

I wonder if they leave a peanut or cookie on the bureau when they leave.

Canids tend to mate for life.

We worried greatly when Jackson, a young male coyote, showed up with a limp. Not sure what happened. We looked for signs of a broken bone or a twisted joint or scarring.

Couldn’t find a thing.

He eventually grew out of it. Shortly after he was out trotting normally, we never saw him again.

Moved on to better habitat, we’re hoping.

Coyotes are never out of season where we live.

Same is true of ignorance and simple stupidity, it seems.


Family Dining

Ever get together with a friend’s family for a meal out?

Happens in The Wild a lot. Often you’ll get distantly related families – Opossum, Raccoon, Fox, Skunk, and the like – dining together, sometimes at the same table…or pile…sometimes not.

They don’t seem to mind.

Sometimes when I’m out there, they will gather around me. Raccoon kits nibble at my toes, other kits and pups wait patiently with their elders for me to leave food for them.

I once cracked some peanuts in my hand and two raccoons stood at my feet reaching up.

Do you have any idea how wonderful it feels to know The Old Ones consider you safe?

Not to mention being an easy touch.