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Hiya how you doin’?

Joseph Carrabis here. The kind folks at Northern Lights Publishing have allowed me to put up a blog about writing. This wasn’t tough to do because I own Northern Lights Publishing along with my darling wife, Susan (that’s her on the right. We’re facing at each other, depending on the size of your browser window), and we have two kind of employees, one of whom, Jennifer, actually runs things (I’ll let her add her own picture if she wants the notoriety).

This page takes the place of my email signatures. Normally, they look something like

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by fighting back – Paul Erdos
Joseph Carrabis, Author
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I have several email accounts for my various business interests. Can you imagine updating all of them regularly (at least once/week!)?

So I’ve opted for this page. Here you’ll find some basic information about me and pointers to all sorts of good stuff.


Bio: As I wrote on Goodreads (and you should all follow and friend me there) – Personally, I think I’m rather boring and dull. I figured that wouldn’t make good copy so I asked a bunch of friends how they’d describe me. Everybody said I was “intriguing”. That’s a nice double-edged word, don’t you think? Kind of like something you want to stare at from a distance or with a good, solid, thick piece of steel reinforced glass between you and whatever you’re looking at.
Me, if I think something’s intriguing, I want to know more about it but I don’t want to get too close while getting to know more about it. Know what I mean?
Next came “multi-dimensional, refined and cerebral” and in that order except for one person who actually used “refined and cerebral” together. Okay. I might get invited to more parties being “multi-dimensional, refined and cerebral” than simply “intriguing”. Probably depends on the type of party.
Then came, to me, the good stuff: loves to talk around a campfire, loves to fly kites, finds joy in the simple things, loves to cook for friends, befriends all sorts of wildlife (raccoons, skunk, opossum, deer, turkey, coyote, gray and red fox, hawk, deer, squirrel, chipmunk, finches, robins, snakes, turtles) to the point that they come up and take food from his hand (this one I can verify as can most people who come over to visit us in the evenings), always ready to help his friends and strangers when asked, makes pizza to die for, loves long walks with his wife and dog, …
One friend wrote “You want to know about Joseph Carrabis? He’s a master story-teller with a sharp sense of humor. He’s a musician and an extraordinary pizza maker. He flies kites that are so big they would tear my arms off, and he knows the best diners with the best pie in New England. He taught me what real coffee should taste like, and how to really enjoy a good cigar. He can bring forth the joy of a five year old in one moment, and the wisdom of a thousand year old sage the next. He’s someone who can help you change how you experience the world, and you’ll laugh harder than you thought possible while it’s happening. Don’t ever buy into his ‘I’m boring and dull’ line.”
I find that flattering (blush). I won’t attest to its accuracy, only that I’m flattered by it.

Then there’s my professional bio (or at least a history) on LinkedIn.

If you’re here, you’ve probably read some of my blog posts. Do leave a comment. If would mean ever so much if you do.

And all those links in that demo signature above are still valid. Go ahead and click on them. Might be fun to see what you get.

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