Toms Go for Annie, Too

Not long after we videoed A MidWinter Flock Strutting to Annie Lennox, we were pleased to see some Toms get in on the action.

They no doubt heard the womens were getting some good listening in and didn’t want to be left out.

You know how turkey are.

But the mens are a bit shyer than the womens.


Consider all that good listening they didn’t get.

Not to mention, being typical males, they insisted the women leave with them.

I tell you, guys ruin all the fun.


A MidWinter Flock Strutting to Annie Lennox

Turkeys, regardless of the season, are wondrous.

This is posted in early July but the video is from February, hence MidWinter.

This is a small flock compared to our usual turkeying. Could be due to the season, could be due to the construction on the other side of our woods, could be not all turkeys are fans of Anne Lennox.

We are. Fans. Amazing voice. Can’t understand a word she says when she’s talking but gosh can she sing.

The turkeys don’t mind if she talks.

So long as she does sing.

They gobble her up.


Neither Snow Nor Rain

Turkeys in Winter.

Forget that this post is being published in May. Just go with it.

Ah, turkeys in winter.

A glorious lot of them.

Making a mess in our backyard.

Turkeys, wonderful creatures that they are, have no knowledge of sanitation.

We venture forth, seed offerings in hand, they gather, …

And poop.


We say, “Hey, human walking here.”

And they respond, “Gobble, gobble,” and after a moment’s deliberation, “Gobble!”



The Flock

Turkey, according to many traditions, is a sign of abundance. Of wealth (of spirit, of person, of being. Not necessarily of pocket).

Imagine our wealth upon seeing this glorious flock parade into our yard.

And of course, one must reward wealth with wealth, which is to say, share one’s abundance (and this time, yes, it can be of pocket).

Turkeys know there is safety here. Good, that, as on the far side of our woods – indeed, tearing into it – is some construction. New multi-family housing units.

“New multi-family housing units.”

Isn’t that a wonderfully sterile way to phrase it?

Let them roost in trees as the turkeys do, I say.

At least then all would have an even chance.

So much of mankind’s recent history with The Wild has been one of domination. We are Nature’s experiment with big brains.

You’d think we’d know better.


Tom’s eyeballing me

It always happens.

You know?

There’s always got to be one who keeps his eye on you.

Making sure you’re not getting away with anything.

There’s always got to be one who spoils the fun because they make sure nothing happens.

In this case, a Tom.

And a young one, too.

Probably doing it to impress the ladies.

That’s how Toms are.