Susan‘s been at it again.

Her day isn’t complete unless she sees her rabbits – whom she calls “bunnies.” They don’t seem to mind when she says it. I say it, though, and …! – and see them she does.


And at all times of day and night.

I take Boo out for his late night easement and there’s a rabbit sitting on our front steps.

We walk around the block in the early hours and most lawns are bunnied.

Susan leaves swaths of lawn unmowed so the bunnies will have fresh green grass for their nibbling.

Except now, one bunny, is eating seeds. The ones that fall from the birdfeeders.

They’re not suppose to do that.

Susan, of course, wants to put out seed for the bunnies.

I suggested carrot seeds.

Ever hear a bunny laugh?


Rabbits are Billy Preston Fans

The Wild, as most know, loves music.

Music is loved because The Wild is full of music. Not just the calls of animals but their movement as well. Not just the wind in the trees but the leaves budding, the bark hardening, the sunlight nourishing. Not just the waters in their courses but the rocks they wash over, the paths they carve out.

And, of course, good tunes.

We’re always playing music and it’s fascinating to learn which critters like which music.

Rabbits, it seems, tend to pay attention to Billy Preston.

Don’t know why. Haven’t asked.

I appreciate their taste, though.

Long ago I would go out at night with my clarinet and alto sax. About five minutes playing in, eyes would ring from out of the woods. Soon I’d hear rustling as four-legged things hustled back and forth. Soon a coyote or two would come forward, then another, then another and another, and together we’d all sing.


I wonder if Billy Preston needs a partner?


The Rabbit

It’s wondrous when The Wild wants your attention (notice the alliteration? I can do things like that. I being an author an’ all).

In this case, I caught a little hopping outside my window as I worked.

I looked up, saw nothing, continued being creative.

Another slight movement. Not a hop, more a wobbly walk.

What could it be?

Behold, a rabbit!

Quiet and shy (most of The Wild is), it took me a moment and then a slight movement and there he was.

This is a new rabbit to us. No idea of his name yet.

But we’re patient.

And so is he.




We suspect Reginald and Regina have been doing the dirty.

Funny that humans – modern humans, anyway – put such boundaries on a natural, necessary activity.

If it weren’t for all life being designed to pass its essence forward, you wouldn’t be reading this, I wouldn’t be writing this, trump would never have become president, Shakespeare would never have written anything, there’d be no need for Jesus, and Buddha would never have achieved enlightenment.

Bummer, huh?

Keep on humpin’, I say! Yeah!

It is a pity (me thinks) that modern, western traditions consider sexual activity negative. At least open, public displays of sexual activity.

To a certain extent, I agree. Two (or more) people performing The Beast with Two (or more) Backs is not visually appealing (to me, anyway). Courting can be beautiful, the aftermath not so much so.

And of course, that’s also part of the western tradition showing itself.

So until we Two-Legs learn to appreciate the natural, let us sit back and enjoy Rablets.


Rabbits Love Yes

You may not know this; Rabbits love Yes.

Not hearing the word, the epic rock group.

We, of course, did not find this fascinating as we’ve been well aware wildlife has excellent musical taste for years.

I mean, Tales from Topographic Oceans? Your Move? RoundAbout?


WildLife, The Old Ones, also love Queen, ELP, Cream, Moody Blues, …

Hey, who wouldn’t?

I mean, C’mon!