My newest novel, “The Shaman”, is due out 30 Sept ’23 – Care to review it?

  • First, my newest novel, The Shaman, will be published 30 Sept 2023. You can get a taste of The Shaman on my blog.
  • Second, you can pre-order The Shaman on Amazon (I’d be thrilled if you did. So would all the words in the book. And the characters. The story itself, even!)
  • Third, from 30 Sept to 15 Nov The Shaman will be on promo (99¢ Kindle, $17.99 Print). Be sure to get a copy for yourself, several copies to give as gifts for the approaching holidays, and tell everyone you know it’s available and it’s a great read!
  • Last, would you like a free The Shaman PDF or ePub ARC in exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or BookBub? You would? Then respond to this email letting me know you’d like either a PDF or ePub ARC and when the review will go up (The Shaman is ~450 print pages). I’ll email the ARC ASAP within a day or two of receiving your response.

The rest of this email contains The Shaman early reader comments (which are front matter in the book. Your comments could join them if you get them to me before 26 Sept 2023) and blurbs.

Early Reader Comments
The Shaman is Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey writ large in the modern world.”

“The story is a primer for spirit work, thank you.”

“Although, as usual in a Carrabis story, some parts of this novel are uncomfortable, I enjoyed it very much. Gio needed to experience those things to learn and grow.”

“It’s uplifting to read about a character having experiences similar to some of mine. I don’t have his power or training, but the sensitivity and awareness are familiar. This will be another healing book and perhaps a training manual for empaths and light workers.”

“Gio Fortuna, a boy spurned by his parents for being “slow,” is raised by his grandfather in the ways of the Practice, a rich esoteric discipline drawing upon mystic traditions passed down over thousands of years from a multitude of cultures. Written in five parts chronicling Gio’s life, The Shaman sees Fortuna embark on a journey from initiate to adept, young boy to old man, as he navigates a network of teachers, each with their own unique lessons and challenges. Steeped in wisdom applicable to all, The Shaman is an inspiring story that proposes a unique path to self-discovery and growth unlike anything written before.”

The Shaman is a metaphysical memoir, the diary of Gio Fortuna (‘John Chance’ in English), who embarks on a decades long search to discover his own purpose and meaning in life, to answer “Why am I here?”
Gio, misdiagnosed as mentally deficient while a babe still in diapers, is about to be institutionalized by his parents. His grandparents, known and respected around the world as Guardians and Keepers of The Practice, a collection of mystical traditions developed, secreted away, and now known only to a few, rescue him and, not believing what the doctors have said, begin training him in their ways.
The novel follows Gio on a quest much like the hero in Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, and is his first person account of recognizing there’s more to the world than modern society recognizes, his discoveries while on that quest, and his return to the modern world to use what’s he’s learned wisely.”

The Alibi (A John Chance Mystery) – Chapter 23

Brand new. I swear.


The Alibi – Chapter 23

Master Chief Sonar Technician Boyd and COB Jensen stood like recalcitrant schoolgirls in Captain Hudon’s quarters, their faces bowed, their hands clasped behind them.

Hudon, elbows on her desk like two legs of unshakable tripod, rubbed her hands together in front of her face. “Let me get this straight. You want me to take this boat into North Harbor becuase somebody’s making a phone call and the two of you and Sherlock can’t eavesdrop from out here?”

Jensen perked up and smiled. “Well, when you put it like that, Captain, I – ”

Harod closed her eyes. “Perhaps you better let Sonar Chief Boyd handle this?”

Boyd spoke up. “Sherlock’s pulling a blank. I suspect the source is some kind of LRAD – ”

Jensen leaned forward. “Long Range Acoustic Device. A kind of high power loudspeaker that – ”

Hudon held up a hand and kept her eyes on Boyd.

Jensen leaned back. “Sorry, Ma’am.”

Hudon lowered her hand.

Boyd continued. “Along some kind of parametric array. They’ve got to be using a non-linear transduction system to reduce side-lobe – ”

Jensen leaned forward again. “They have tech at our level or better.”

Hudon’s hand went back up.

“Sorry, Ma’am.”

Boyd continued. “From out here the Harbor Tunnels are giving just enough interference to disrupt the pattern, but only because it’s highly directional so any off-axis signal is – ”

Jensen interrupted without leaning forward. “We have to be on top of it to figure out what it is.”

Hudon continued focusing on Boyd. “Did I assign Holmes and Watson to my boat? I don’t remember seeing their names on my manifest.”

“Sorry, Ma’am.”

Boyd opened her mouth and Hudon’s hand went back up. “You want me to sail this boat over the Boston Harbor Tunnels?”

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Mark Reid and I “For the Love of Writing & Living Interestingly” on ZenSammich

Discussions fascinate me. Not so much debates or straightforward interviews, but genuine discussions where there’s mutual respect and both interviewer and interviewee are interesting people.

Wish I was one. Of either.

That noted, Mark Reid, JD, and I had a wonderful discussion on his ZenSammich podcast.

Give a listen and let us know what you think!

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A Jaunty Young Man

We grow older and so do they.

Albeit The Wild ages along different timelines than we do.

I’ve often wondered about versipellics (shapeshifters). I’ve known a few and when they shift they don’t become an animal the same age as they themselves before the shift.

Makes me wonder why, when they shift back, they don’t return to human form the same age as the creature they’re shifting back from.

Or if they could shift to a younger…

Or older…

version of themselves.

Could they shift into a version of themselves prior to learning how to shift?

(excuse me.

i feel a story coming on…)