Four More Books Accepted into Library of Congress

I am thrilled and honored to have four more of my books selected by the Library of Congress, accepted into General Collections, and assigned Library of Congress Control Numbers:

Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires
LOCCN 2023448306

The Augmented Man
LOCCN 2023448307

The Inheritors
LOCCN 2023448305

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Empty Sky
LOCCN 2023448304

Did you hear my VoiceOfIndie Interview with Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez?

Beem, Stephen, and I had a good chat a little while back on Fresh Ink Group’s TheVoiceOfIndie podcast.

Now our chat is posted on several platforms.

I Heart Radio
Google Podcasts

Stop on by any of them, take a listen, and let us know what you think.

I’m on Meet the Author podcast with Rob and Joan Carter

I enjoy talking with people. Gives me a chance to learn from those who’ve had experiences vastly different from mine.

And considering the experiences I’ve had, that’s quite the plethora of folks.

Case in point, my Meet the Author podcast with Rob and Joan Carter.

Below you’ll find the podcast itself. You can watch a vodcast on YouTube. I’ll also be posting snippets over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, listen in:


Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me in Penumbric Dec 2k22

“Worthy of Philip K Dick himself. I would buy the whole magazine for this story alone. For fear of ruining the experience, I’ll simply say that a bullied child with a disability and the tech he relies on lead him to make a very unusual friend.”



Cowan was walking in the woods the first time he saw Angel. He was really looking for a haunted house the real estate lady told his parents was back there and he’d walked further into the woods than he’d ever gone before.


Gel, Ink, and Rollerball – Genetics

I wrote in Principles about my interview with Katie Koestner and Claire Kaplan.

That interview is live at Gel, Ink, and Rollerball.

For people who want to know the source material for The Augmented Man, The Settlement, Recovery Triptych, and much more of my work, here’s your chance.

I’m posting several excerpts over the coming days. Previous excerpts in order are:

Today’s excerpt closes this thread and making decisions where you will go in your life, that you’re imprisoned by neither your heredity nor your past.