Brother Joe Della Rosa and the Worm Snake

Sounds like it should be the title of a story, doesn’t it? Brother Joe Della Rosa and the Worm Snake.

It’s either a heroic epic, a children’s story, or horror.

But it’s none of the above.

Brother Joe Della Rosa shared some pictures of his meeting a worm snake when he was out walking with his children.




He and they often encounter The Wild that way.

Fantastic teaching opportunity, don’t you think?

To share one’s love and respect for The Old Ones through the generations. To show them your sense of awe and mystery.

Makes me wish I…no, I’m too old to have kids. I do share my feelings for The Wild and The Old Ones in my writing, though.

Perhaps you’ve noticed.

I’ve mentioned previously my preference for Nature over my own species.

Sure, there are a few of my species whose company I enjoy.

A few.

Ornery, ain’t I?