Shaman Story Chapter X – Borrowing

Read Shaman Story Chapter X – Hide-and-Seek.

Shaman Story Chapter X – Borrowing

Sometimes Grandpa’s friends ask “May I share how I do it?” to help me learn how they do something Grandpa does, something he is teaching me. They let me piggyback down their path. Sometimes we have to travel far and they become a ladder and I climb up their rungs and the ladder flies and you learn how to be a ladder and fly.

I piggyback and climb their rungs so I can borrow from them to learn how to do it, to understand my way, my path would be different from theirs and different is okay, it is the outcome that matters.

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The Augmented Man Video Series Episode 3 – “Learn Chess, Yes”

Episode 1 – “Good Run, Trailer?”
Episode 2 – “Massively Scarred”

Sabine Rossbach
Joseph Carrabis
The Augmented Man

Daniel Oliver Late Last Night Booked Me

Author Daniel Oliver read my The Augmented Man novel and was so impressed he asked to interview me for his blog.

Have you seen his Late Last Night Books blog? He co authors there with several notables, Lily Iona Mackenzie (who I interviewed a while back) for one.

And if that’s not enough, take a gander at who they’re interviewing.

And they want me?

My thanks to Daniel Oliver and the rest of the Late Last Night Books folks.

You can read my interview here. Be sure to leave a comment when you do.

Why It Works for Me – Craig Johnson’s “The Western Star”

This is the thirteenth in a series I’m doing wherein I discuss why a particular piece of writing works for me, aka, this piece of writing taught me something about writing, encouraged me to be a better writer, engaged me, captivated me, educated me, et cetera.

As I’ve written elsewhere, it’s one thing to know something is good, it’s a better thing (in my opinion) to know why it’s good and then be able to copy what’s good about it, to learn from it so you can be as good and (hopefully) better.

This time out, Craig Johnson’s “The Western Star”.