“LifePath Work” now on BizCatalyst360

The kind folks at BizCatalyst360 just published my LifePath Work, an excerpt from my forthcoming The Shaman.

The Shaman came about because a good number of people kept asking me about my background and training. I’d meant to write a book for years, and have a really poorly written manuscript dating from the late 1980s to prove it.

Several times I’d take that manuscript out and massage it. Into a different yet equally poorly written manuscript.

Finally, I took it out in late 2019 and asked myself, “What would make this an interesting story?”

That, and getting permission from one of my teachers (who spoke for all of them) was what I needed.

Originally entitled “Shaman Story,” the graphic artist who did the interior and exterior artwork mistakenly wrote “The Shaman” on the bookcover and Shaboom! it was done.

Previous excerpts from The Shaman include DeathSong and The Paraclete.


Rob and Joan Carter’s MEET THE AUTHOR interview Snippet 12 – The Shaman and more

I mentioned Rob and John Carter and I chatting on their MEET THE AUTHOR show in previous blog posts.

This is post #12 in a series of thirteen snippets taken from the full interview video. You can also listen to the interview via podcast

Today’s snippet deals with my upcoming novels beyond the science fantasy The Inheritors. These include the urban-fantasy The Shaman (September 2023 release), an urban fantasy follow up to The Shaman isolating one event in the protagonist’s life and entitled Search (December 2023 release), the medieval murder mystery Tag (March 2024 release), the science fantasy Wounded Healers (June 2024 release) and more.



The Change Zone Take 2, Snippet 6 – Learning to Listen and Crisis Points

Long ago and far away, Gail @GailMcDonald19 McDonald and Susan @SusanSneath1 Sneath interviewed me on The Change Zone. I shared snippets of our preshow chat starting with The Change Zone Test Chat Snippet #1 – Wolf and Spider.

Well, we’re at it again. This time we’re focusing on That Th!nk You Do, and you can see the entire episode on YouTube.

Gail gave the book a wonderful review which you can read either on the book’s Amazon page, in the book itself, or at Gail @GailMcDonald19 McDonald on That Th!nk You Do. Ditto Susan with her review on the book’s Amazon page, in the book itself, or at Susan @SusanSneath1 Sneath on That Th!nk You Do.

This is the sixth and last of this show’s preshow snippets, this one dealing with the earliest lessons in my life.



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