A Lady Alone

Following up on last week’s rant about Two-Leggers attitude re bringing children into the world vs The Wild’s, more with our lovely Lady Coyote.

This video is from late March 2022 and I’m happy to announce she and her escort brought three healthy pups into the world.

They were delightful to watch, once mom and pop brought them around.

Good eatin’ at the Carrabis’, you know.

At some point we saw them less and less.

Better hunting elsewhere, I guess.

More safety, as well.

There be humans here, you know.

And The Wild knows.

Humans can’t be trusted.


Peanuts for Her Pups

I’ve heard people say there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman carrying a child.

Strangely, I rarely hear women make that statement.

Especially when they’re dealing with changing hormone structures, changes in their bone density and joints, the physical bloating, cravings and purgings that’d do a bulimic proud, swelling breasts, …

Sorry for this – It almost seems as if the men are proud of what they’ve done.

Somehow men forget what they contribute is – quite literally – the starting gunshot. They then get to sit back and watch the race from the comfort of wherever.


Some kind of male-directed hostility on my part, huh?

I suppose it comes from my time ferrying pregnant women to safe medical facilities.

Scan the protesters and the majority are men.

Except for the women.

Who shout something about they went through this hell, now it’s your turn!


So, upon reflection, my hostility isn’t at men or women, really.

It’s about bringing unwanted children into the world, children who will not be cared for, nurtured, who will not be loved.

Unwanted children. Children abandoned by parents who never leave home, who abuse their children to the point where the children think of dying as an escape.


That really makes me mad.

But such doesn’t happen in The Wild.

There parents sacrifice for their offspring.

How come Two-Leggers forgot that?


Preparing to Strut (Full Battle Array)

Ladies, have you ever noticed how fragile the male ego is?

Maybe you want him to come up to you, say something, so you can get an idea if he’s worth a nod or two?

Sometimes you know just by looking at him he’s going to be more work than he’s worth, will take up more time than you can afford, is high maintenance when you’re cruising for a low maintenance kind of guy.

So it is in the animal world, at least in the Turkey world, as evidenced by this strapping fellow who can’t…quite…get it up.

But here’s the thing.

Even guys who can’t make a decent show of it on their own will…umm…rise to the call when they sense a challenge in the offing.

You, dear Ladies, may not be worth the effort but let another dude enter the scene and hey now, watch out, we’re gunning for bear here.

Makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

I’ve never been one to strut. Not in public, anyway. Alone, with Susan, yes, and always for a laugh.

Because I know something the young gents here don’t.

Make ’em laugh and they’ll take you home.

Genuine humor, it seems, is rare these days.



Morning Turkeys

Nothing quite like waking up to a flock of Turkeys.

Come downstairs, wipe some sleep from your eyes, take a sip of steaming coffee, glance up, and be greeted by turkey butts. And beaks. And feet. Feathers.

Stick around and a few of them start to give you the hairy eyeball.

A sure sign they’re making plans.

Not sure what kind.

Probably ways to get more seed. More corn, particularly. Although it’s early in the season for corn.

Something with high fat content, see them through the cold of winter.

We do what we can.

It’s the least we can do, you know.

Fitting payment for a little turkey butt now and again, don’t you think?


Cautious Dining

A new guest arrived at Chez Carrabis a while back, an at-the-time unnamed skunk.

We’ve had skunk before.

And truth be told, they are a fun lot.

Some say skunk are quick-tempered.

Not so those who dine with us.

Although we, like Raccoon, start cautiously.

No need to be foolhardy.

Mostly our visiting skunk stay to themselves. The juveniles – one being the Larry mentioned in the video – are more willing to hobnob. The elders – Ferdinand, as also mentioned in the video, being one – are quite pleasant once they get to know you.

If nothing else, they’d rather trundle off than give offense.

Oh, how I wish Two-Legs were the same.