And Deer are such dears, as well

All of The Wild are precious to us.

Some are more deer than others.

Clever way I did that. Did you notice?

Either a pun or a misspelling, depending how gracious you are to me.

Or how much of a yutz you think I am.

We’ve been graced by Deer as of late.

And it’s always joyous when they join us.


Deer Love Steely Dan

We don’t see enough of Deer.

A sad fact, that.

We know there are deer out there.

There was one beautiful fawn who we saw regularly when walking our dog. She would see us before we saw her – duh! and we’d hear a gentle movement through the woods announcing her presence.

Ever cautious, she observed us long before she deigned to accept us as part of her pleasure.

Less while ago we were blessed with a herd led by a magnificent buck.

A glory, that.


A Healthy Young Buck Flicks His Tail

There is something wonderful about nature.

Especially when paired with some of the best jazz recordings ever.


The year that changed Jazz forever.

Giants walked in those days.

And a deer walks in our yard.

As I often state, we are blessed.


Susan and the Three Deer

First thing, there were five deer.

One day this past June, Susan, hone alone, spied deer in our yard.

I documented our last cervine visitation in A MidWinter Herd.

This visitation seemed purely for her.

So taken was she, she photographed. I suppose because photography and paint are her visual art fields of choice.

More a videographer, me.

And still, enjoy.