Dissed by a Hawk

Ever encounter someone who’s just going to be persnickety no matter what?

You can be friendly, gregarious, giving, and they simply can’t be bothered.

I often wonder how to work with such people.

One of my guiding Principles is people treat you as they wish to be treated.

Often I wrap that in “You’ve got to be kidding. They want to be treated like poo?”

Some people, some times, yes.

I appreciate some people may respond uncharacteristically in the moment.

Who knows what’s going on with them when they respond so? A bad day? Bad haircut? Bad piece of beef or undercooked potato?

Such people apologize.

No problem. No harm done. Is there something I can do to help?

Others simply repeat their behavior or avoid making contact, perhaps ashamed of what they’ve done or said.

I mourn for those sailing such straights.

Their minds must be seething with things unimaginable.

And I write fiction.

I can imagine all sorts of things.


The Lady Dines

Sometimes I realize I’m here to observe.

Authors…good authors…do little more than observe and document.

Note I don’t claim anything about writing.

Writing? No. Documenting? Yes.

Good authors…the best authors…are retellers of tales they’ve witnessed perhaps too often.

So often they make a lasting impression.

Although I know some lasting impressions only need to occur once to be etched in memory.

Such impressions are etched due to high emotional content.

That emotional content can take many forms: wonder, joy, pain, sorrow, grief, love, …

And sometimes that emotional content takes the form of appreciating what’s around you and realizing, “Yes, this is a good thing.”


Sylvester and Sylvestet

It’s been a while since we shared the lives, loves, and liberties of our backyard Rabbits.

Not for lack of rabbits, I assure you.

My home state…did an interesting thing a while back.

They brought in several tens of thousands of rabbits and let them loose. Estimates range from 20,000 to 50,000.

Sometimes I wonder if they let them loose in our backyard. A friend woke up to find twenty in his front yard merrily munching on his grass.

I offered, “At least you don’t have to mow now.”

He didn’t smile.

I wonder if my home state understood bringing that many rabbits into the state would cause predators to come in, as well.

Because that’s happened. Bear, bobcat, wolf, hawk, owl, and eagle are definitely aloft more often than before.

We see their signs even if we don’t see them.

And whenever we see their signs, we are amazed because, having no social media accounts, they get their messages out.

Two-Legs had that ability, too.

But that was long ago.


Perusing the Menu

We last encountered Hawk in The Hawk (and less than a month ago it was).

Today we share another hawk, also youngish. There are several mature males and females in our area. They are either more shy or wary. We wonder if these fine young specimens are their offspring.

We suspect he’s checking out the menu.

Our backyard and yonder field are epicurean delights for The Wild.

They are such gourmets, you know.

This one also grooms.

Perhaps he’s on the prowl (yes, it is a he) for something other than a meal?

Perhaps he’s seen the Lovely Couple?

In any case, a handsome fellow perusing the menu.