Mark Reid and I “For the Love of Writing & Living Interestingly” on ZenSammich

Discussions fascinate me. Not so much debates or straightforward interviews, but genuine discussions where there’s mutual respect and both interviewer and interviewee are interesting people.

Wish I was one. Of either.

That noted, Mark Reid, JD, and I had a wonderful discussion on his ZenSammich podcast.

Give a listen and let us know what you think!

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A Jaunty Young Man

We grow older and so do they.

Albeit The Wild ages along different timelines than we do.

I’ve often wondered about versipellics (shapeshifters). I’ve known a few and when they shift they don’t become an animal the same age as they themselves before the shift.

Makes me wonder why, when they shift back, they don’t return to human form the same age as the creature they’re shifting back from.

Or if they could shift to a younger…

Or older…

version of themselves.

Could they shift into a version of themselves prior to learning how to shift?

(excuse me.

i feel a story coming on…)