“Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me” now in Best of Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag, vol vi

It’s amazingly gratifying when editors and publishers consider one’s work worthy of “Best Of” status, and I’m quite proud of The Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me for many reasons:

  • The haunted house I mention existed (never learned if it was haunted) about half a mile from where I grew up.
  • I knew Lenny in grade school. He was a gifted scholar who didn’t fit in because of family issues, parental and societal neglect, and what we now recognize as “learning difficulties.” (I so wish people were more aware…hell, even partially aware…of such challenges when I was a child).
  • Most people know I was legally blind most of my life (which means “needed glasses so thick if he didn’t have them he needed a dog and a cane”), and yes, much of the main character’s experiences are based on my own.
  • Lenny and I were voracious readers of books and on topics of which our teachers were unaware.
  • Kevin also existed and tormented me through most of my grade school years. The “I can’t SEE” chant is directly his.
  • My childhood safety existed in my imagination, and not knowing what I was suppose to see and not see, I envisioned the most amazing things (still do!).


A Handsome Albeit Fuzzy Fellow

We are blessed with a constant and still shy visitor.

Still unnamed.

Think that’s why he’s blurry? Maybe doesn’t know who he is yet?

Perhaps his parents haven’t decided yet.

They should do so soon, though.

We do appreciate most people would simply yell, “Hey! A Coyote!” but that would be unkind, don’t you think?

It’s always better to use an individual’s name when addressing them, and to use it peacefully, respectfully.

To show honor.

Even if you don’t honor what they do.

More likely to get and keep their attention that way.

Don’t you think?


My Podbean “What The Book” talk with Dzintra Sullivan, Peyton Storm, Sean Frazier, et al was a riot

I got a chance to chat with Dzintra Sullivan, Peyton Storm, Sean Frazier, and a host of others over the past weekend. For me, lots of learning and laughing (a good combination). You’d have to ask the others what their take on it was.

You can listen to the episode on What the Book.

The What The Book worthies invited me to play a Family Feud style game at the end and name a romantic food. Thank god I was on Peyton’s team because evidently I don’t have much romance in me.

But just so you’ll know, my suggestion for a romantic food (okay, not really a food per se) was a breakfast of rose petals, mulled wine, strong coffee, and chocolate croissants in bed.

What do you think?




Whatever, listen and enjoy What the Book on Podbean.