RoundTable 360° June 2024 – Creating Characters

From idea to paper (or word) to performance, how do we bring characters to life?

That’s the question RoundTable 360°’s panel tackled in our June 2024 session.

This RoundTable explored the intricacies of character development across different creative mediums and uncovered effective strategies for creating characters that resonate deeply with audiences.

In storytelling and performing arts, characters serve as the heart and soul of narratives. Whether on the pages of a novel or portrayed on stage or screen, well-developed characters have the power to captivate and evoke profound emotional responses from audiences.

RoundTable 60°’s June 2024 session delved into how writers and performers breathe life into their characters, making them compelling, multidimensional, memorable, and inspiring.

This discussion was led by noted EU actress, model, and voice talent Sabine Rossbach.

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RoundTable 360° May 2024 – Creative Blocks

Creative blocks.

Every creative’s been there…

…that dreaded feeling of hitting a wall, not knowing what to create next or even how to do it, wracking your brain for some kind of answer, direction, or inspiration.

You have to go after inspiration with a club. – Jack London

Creative blocks can be frustrating, but they are universal, and creatives have found various ways of dealing with them. In this RoundTable 360&deg: session, a panel of writers, artists, actors, and other creatives discussed the different ways creative blocks present themselves, strategies for working through them, and tips and tricks to keep your creativity flowing.

This episode was moderated by award-winning poet, publisher, and editor Clarabelle Miray Fields of Carmina Magazine.

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April 2024 Newsletter

You said you weren’t going to do a newsletter, Joseph

You said you weren’t going to do a newsletter, Joseph

Yes, I did.

I’ve fulltime-authored since 2016 and rejected newslettering because no newslettering authors I talk with have any evidence their newsletters led to increased sales or other authorial opportunities.

Fortunately, I don’t expect this one to, either.

I post irregular announcements and both the open and clickthrough numbers hover around 90%.

Amazing, if you know about such things.

I’m hybridizing newslettering with my irregular announcements because I found a reason to do so; some of my friends have things worth announcing and, on the whole, about once a month should cover them.

So there you go and here it is.

April-May 2024 Announcements

  • IPNE has an excellent and informative post entitled What to look for in a book awards program (downloadable PDF and definitely a worthy read (me thinks)). (bet you can’t guess what it’s about)
  • BizCatalyst 360° is now carried on Google News. Big Congrats to Dennis Pitocco and the BizCatalyst 360° gang
  • BeyondDesignBooks’ Tamian Wood offers Ten Tips For finding (and working with) your ideal cover designer! as a free download. Check it out.
  • A movie star returns to her hometown and doesn’t live to regret it.
    Thriller author Donna Huston Murray’s new book, Farewell Performance (a Ginger Barnes Mystery) is available now on ebook and in print starting 4 June 2024. Pre-order is 99¢ You can also find it here.
  • My That Th!nk You Do is now available as an audiobook, and I have some promo codes available. Fair-Exchange, folks: Want a promo code for a free audio version? Promise to review the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, … before the next newsletter goes out (last week of May or so)? Let me know.
  • Our March RoundTable 360 was sold out and many thanks to folks who attended and offered comment.
    Our April RoundTable 360 discussion topic is How do creative people work together? exploring collaboration in the arts. Starting with a panel discussion and then welcoming participation by the audience; our hope is to help creatives see their world differently. This episode will be moderated by author, playwright, and poet, Kenneth Weene. Join us Thursday, April 25, 1:30 PM in the East, 10:30 AM in the west and 6:30 PM in London. For your reserved space, please sign up on Eventbrite. Eventbrite caps these sessions at twenty-five (25) audience members so reserve your seat soon.
    Our May RoundTable 360 will be led by award-winning poet, publisher, and editor Clarabelle Miray Fields of Carmina Magazine.
    Our June RoundTable 360 will be led by noted EU actress, model, and voice talent Sabine Rossbach discussing creating realistic characters.
    Our July RoundTable 360 will be led by London based fantasy, horror, and scifi author Liz Tuckwell discussing rejection.
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  • I’m looking for first readers for my next release (schedule late June 2024), Tag. I’ll need your feedback/comments/edits/questions and definitely backcover copy and review material by 31 May 2024. Interested and willing to commit to that schedule? Let me know.
    About Tag: Two teenagers, Eric and Julia, seek tree grafts on the outskirts of their medieval village as a summer storm clouds the sky. Sullya, a witch hiding among the trees, grabs Julia. Eric swings his axe and severs Sullya’s hand from her arm. Sullya seeks refuge in the deep bole of an old oak. Her hand falls onto the same oak and crawls up the trunk to join her.
    Eric wants to flee but Julia, believing they are safe, torments the witch. Sullya curses them, their families, their crops, their livestock, and their eastern European village.
    Crops wilt, livestock dies, and much of their village falls ill. The village priest, Father Baillot, is often ignorant of church ways and proves ineffective against the curse.
    The elders seek help elsewhere, specifically from a distant priest,
    Father Patreo, who knows the Old Ways as well as the New.
    Patreo is out of favor with the Church because he makes no effort to hide his belief that progress comes from exploring all paths, not just those the Church decrees acceptable.
    He and Verduan, one of the elders, investigate, and what they discover changes the face of Eastern Europe forever.

And that’s it for April.

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any new and interesting wordages are the product of me. i’m an author. i can do things like that.

Announcing RoundTable 360°

What makes creative people creative? What goes on in their minds that causes the ideas they put on the screen, in their books, their poems, their music, on a stage, in their songs, in a dance, on a canvas, …? Does the same blood pump through their veins as pumps through ours? What happened in their lives that causes them to express themselves the way they do? What drives their souls to shape worlds with their words, their brushes, their notes, their voices, their bodies, their steps?

Long ago and far away there were two TV shows which captivated me. One was Steve Allen’s Meeting of Minds. The other was Wim Kayzer’s A Glorious Accident. Sitting in the presence of people previously only known to me as names thrilled me. Listening to their discussion — not arguments, discussions! — of matters great and small enthralled me, and I’ve hungered for such a forum ever since.

Now that forum has a name and a place – RoundTable 360°. Each month a rotating panel of #actors, #writers, #dancers, #singers, #photographers, #mixed-media artists, … share, question, explore.
Come join us. Come grow with us and help us grow. Listen, learn, and share. We are all a Great Becoming.

Become with us.