My “The Bone and The Bear” now on Tall Tale TV

I love it when a favorite piece gets published.

The Bone and The Bear took a while to find a home, and find a home it did.

Note to authors and writers – to all creatives for matter – keep at it. Sometimes it’s exhausting finding the right one – in love, in life, in publication – and there’s always one out there.

You can hear The Bone and The Bear on any of YouTube, Facebook, on the Tall Tale TV website, and as an MP3 podcast.

Chris Herron, publisher of Tall Tale TV, thinks so highly of my work he even created a YouTube playlist of my stories he’s published.

Nice to be honored like that, isn’t it?

You can also listen to it here (again thanks to Chris Herron):


Christopher Herron, Publisher/Producer at Tall Tale Narration, LLC, does a dynamite job reading “Winter Winds”!

I’ve heard lots of people read my work and most of it left me meh.

So I was caught completely offguard by Chris Herron’s reading of my young adult scifi story, Winter Winds.

Winter Winds was the first story I had published. It originally appeared in Child Life back in 1978.

I’ll be the majority of people reading this post weren’t alive in 1978.

(I feel so old)

I also included it in my Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires anthology.

You can listen to Chris’ amazing Winter Winds reading below or by following any of these links (and please do!).

MP3 (podcast)

And now, a big hand to Chris Herron, Publisher/Producer at Tall Tales Narration, LLC. (HURRAH!)