A Lady Alone

Following up on last week’s rant about Two-Leggers attitude re bringing children into the world vs The Wild’s, more with our lovely Lady Coyote.

This video is from late March 2022 and I’m happy to announce she and her escort brought three healthy pups into the world.

They were delightful to watch, once mom and pop brought them around.

Good eatin’ at the Carrabis’, you know.

At some point we saw them less and less.

Better hunting elsewhere, I guess.

More safety, as well.

There be humans here, you know.

And The Wild knows.

Humans can’t be trusted.


Peanuts for Her Pups

I’ve heard people say there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman carrying a child.

Strangely, I rarely hear women make that statement.

Especially when they’re dealing with changing hormone structures, changes in their bone density and joints, the physical bloating, cravings and purgings that’d do a bulimic proud, swelling breasts, …

Sorry for this – It almost seems as if the men are proud of what they’ve done.

Somehow men forget what they contribute is – quite literally – the starting gunshot. They then get to sit back and watch the race from the comfort of wherever.


Some kind of male-directed hostility on my part, huh?

I suppose it comes from my time ferrying pregnant women to safe medical facilities.

Scan the protesters and the majority are men.

Except for the women.

Who shout something about they went through this hell, now it’s your turn!


So, upon reflection, my hostility isn’t at men or women, really.

It’s about bringing unwanted children into the world, children who will not be cared for, nurtured, who will not be loved.

Unwanted children. Children abandoned by parents who never leave home, who abuse their children to the point where the children think of dying as an escape.


That really makes me mad.

But such doesn’t happen in The Wild.

There parents sacrifice for their offspring.

How come Two-Leggers forgot that?


Hecate et al Dine

Our beloved Hecate returned from last Winter’s nap complete ready and raring to go.

We think of her as the Queen of Raccoons.

Or so she tells us.

As noted previously, we’ve known this Hecate for several years now. She remains feisty and vital.

And I know this year if not next will be the last we see her.

I wonder if there is a Raccoon Graveyard deep in The Wild, a place they go for their final rest.

It both saddens and gladdens me so. We’ve known so many raccoons in our time.

People ask if we’d ever move. “Who’ll take care of the WildLife?” I ask.

Who indeed.

In the meantime, enjoy.


A Wandering Tom

Earlier this year…Spring, in fact, and only six days since Brother Crow‘s visit…a single, unaccompanied Tom came to say hello.

Or cluck hello.

A single Tom usually means the Hens are busy with their eggs. We were fortunate enough in our travels to see a proud Hen with some quite young (less than a week old) chicks flurrying around her.

They were grand.

We stopped traffic in both directions though. She was taking them across a road. I encouraged her not to.

She agreed, gathered them, and hurried back into The Wild.

Drivers flashed their lights, gave us a thumbs-up, and waited patiently.

It’s a good thing.



He Likes Peanuts?

And now of much higher quality than I’m an object of curiosity (because my hands aren’t in the way), we see this strapping fellow in full.

I admit none of us would have known his presence were it not for the other wildlife taking to the trees and uttering epithets of such vehemence!

After all, this is the dinner hour to many of The Wild in our yard.

Which reminds me of a great standup routine by Sebastian Maniscalco about how telephone usage has changed over time.

It use to be that a ringing phone meant everybody pay attention, this could be important. Dinner? Ha! If somebody’s calling when they know we’ll be eating, you know it’s gotta be important because nobody in their right mind would destroy the sanctity of the family meal.

(and note Congress had to pass a law that phone solicitors couldn’t call during the “dinner hour”)

But now? Let it ring. They’ll call back or voicemail will get it. Who cares, we can’t be bothered.

I think the reverse is true with young people. They seem to crave something anything interrupting having to interact with their parents.

Which goes back to learning from one’s teachers, as mentioned last week…