Four More Books Accepted into Library of Congress

I am thrilled and honored to have four more of my books selected by the Library of Congress, accepted into General Collections, and assigned Library of Congress Control Numbers:

Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires
LOCCN 2023448306

The Augmented Man
LOCCN 2023448307

The Inheritors
LOCCN 2023448305

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Empty Sky
LOCCN 2023448304

That Th!nk You Do Accepted into the Library of Congress Collection!

Sometimes your hard work pays off.

For me it happened when I received the following:

We are happy to inform you that
That Th!nk You Do: 60 Ways to Be Happy, Healthy&Hold off Harm
was selected for addition to the Library’s General Collections and was assigned Library of Congress control number: 2022362717.

Jennifer Baum
Head, U.S. Special Acquisitions Section

I’d get a copy before all of Congress holds debates on it.