A Healthy Young Fellow Trots Away

We are blessed the The Wild often.

Sometimes the blessings last a great while.

Other times they are fleeting.

Case in point, this healthy young fellow.

A bit camera shy, he.

But I, like the oceans, the winds, the earth itself, am patient.

I know he will return.

And I, trusty camera in hand, will be waiting…



A Jaunty Young Man

We grow older and so do they.

Albeit The Wild ages along different timelines than we do.

I’ve often wondered about versipellics (shapeshifters). I’ve known a few and when they shift they don’t become an animal the same age as they themselves before the shift.

Makes me wonder why, when they shift back, they don’t return to human form the same age as the creature they’re shifting back from.

Or if they could shift to a younger…

Or older…

version of themselves.

Could they shift into a version of themselves prior to learning how to shift?

(excuse me.

i feel a story coming on…)


A Handsome Albeit Fuzzy Fellow

We are blessed with a constant and still shy visitor.

Still unnamed.

Think that’s why he’s blurry? Maybe doesn’t know who he is yet?

Perhaps his parents haven’t decided yet.

They should do so soon, though.

We do appreciate most people would simply yell, “Hey! A Coyote!” but that would be unkind, don’t you think?

It’s always better to use an individual’s name when addressing them, and to use it peacefully, respectfully.

To show honor.

Even if you don’t honor what they do.

More likely to get and keep their attention that way.

Don’t you think?


A Handsome Fellow

A joy is when the young come to us to feast.

Not to feast on us, of course.

More to enjoy the bounty we provide.

Here, a handsome Coyote has deemed us worthy of an investigation.

As yet unnamed – he’s shy – we suspect he’s one of Erasmus‘ children as The Mighty E, we know, has been prolific.

And we hope he, his mate, and his progeny continue to be so.


Lonely Erasmus

We last encountered Erasmus in Erasmus is such a dear.

He’s blessed our presence a few times in the past and has always been a joy.

This time, though, and a few times off camera, Erasmus has been traveling solo.

We normally see several Coyote in our yard and the woods behind our house.

We’ve had a few generations pass and, so far, most are familiar enough with me to approach without anxiety.

Lately Erasmus has been wary.

And he’s been alone.

We hear his kin calling late at night, often announcing a kill and usually in the distance.

And still, we wonder…

Is Erasmus lonely?